Family Health and Fitness Day

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Let's Play Together!The last Saturday in September is Family Health and Fitness Day. This year, that falls on Saturday, September 26.

So, how will you be celebrating?

Over the years, my team and I have created quite a few educational resources that would be perfect to share with your clients for Family Health and Fitness Day! Here are some of the top options -- which will you pick?

10 Common Health and Fitness Mistakes: Why not start with a discussion of some of the myths and misinformation that surround general fitness? The information in this article makes a great icebreaker and may shed light on a few blind spots that may be hampering your clients' progress. Check it out!

Family Exercise: 4 Simple Tips for Building a Fun Routine: Here are 4 tips to help your clients and their families develop a fun exercise routine, together. With discussions of determining what activities meet people's interests, ways to keep from falling into a rut, when to take a break, and how to stay committed to a fitness program, this blog post offers plenty of tools that your clients can use to improve their lives.

Try a New SportFitness Activity Ideas: From bumper stickers to strategic sign placement, this post has everything you need to get your clients up and moving. Help people improve their fitness in the workplace by putting signs at the elevators that offer reminders about the health benefits of taking the stairs, or organize an indoor obstacle course that shows the impact of small acts of physical activity every day. The details are all in this post, and you simply won't want to miss it!

Be Active Every Day (In Your Own Way): This two-page PDF handout features daily exercise strategies for kids and adults, along with discussions of screen time and the importance of consistent physical activity. Put it in an email blast, incorporate it into a display, or just print off a few copies to have when you need them.

Cracking the Vault for Running and Fitness Week: In this post, Nancy Kennedy, MS, RD, offers an in-depth look at the research about heart health and exercise. She leads her readers through study after study, explaining that exercise is one of the most important things that you can do for your cardiovascular system. Why not share this good news with your clients?

Have You Tried Dance Classes?Give a Gift of Fitness: Who doesn't love presents? This post details the best fitness gifts, from pedometers (like the FitBit) to fitness balls and more! Stop by the post for some fitness inspiration.

Be an Olympian in the Game of Health: Put lessons from Olympic athletes to good use in this post about finding motivation for physical activity. Whether its following in the steps of favorite Olympians or simply using some of the tools that Olympic medalists recommend, framing exercise in this way is a good approach for getting your clients out of a rut.

Physical Activity Guidelines and You: The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans provide science-based guidance to encourage Americans to improve health through appropriate physical activity. This post, by Lynn Grieger RDN, CDE, CPT, CWC, features a list of the benefits of regular exercise, strategies for engaging in physical activity safely and effectively, and a discussion of how to fit exercise into a busy schedule.

And of course I wouldn't leave you without a PDF handout. Here's the Family Activity Planner, a single-page guide to planning ways to exercise, together. This member-exclusive handout is now available to everyone! Enjoy!

Family Activity Planner

And, if you’re a member, then you can also access a brand-new post called Kids and the Benefits of Physical Activity. It’s loaded with the latest research about the importance of physical activity for kids, and of course it has a new handout as well.

Kids Physical Activity Benefits

As always, there's plenty more in the Nutrition Education Store! Here are some of the top-selling family exercise and health resources...

My Plate Kids and Family Banner
12 Lessons of Wellness and Weight Management for Kids and Teens
Sports Nutrition Basics PowerPoint Presentation

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