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Reader Request: Healthy Dairy Choices

A longtime reader asked if we had any handouts on healthy dairy choices, and I decided it was time to offer a more in-depth exploration of particular products and their impact on health. Here are the results...

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Reader Request: Healthy Dairy Choices

It's time for another reader request! This one came from Marsha Hubert, RN and director of Cardiac Rehab at a nearby hospital. She asked...

Do you have any handouts referring to healthy dairy choices? I am an RN in a cardiac rehab dept. I have a support group meeting tomorrow and would like to give guidance on dairy products for people with heart disease. 

I sent her what materials we had, right away, but then I decided that it was time for a more comprehensive look at healthy dairy choices. So I got my team together and we came up with a chart.

What kind of chart, you ask?

A big dairy comparison chart. I want your clients to be able to easily scan through various dairy products and compare saturated fat content, nutrient content, etc. This comparison chart can help them make healthful choices with ease.

Ta-da! Here's the chart!

Dairy Chart

Please note that the chart analyzes common dairy products, not solely the members of MyPlate's dairy group. Take a look at the calcium content and you'll see why some of these dairy products didn't make the cut into the MyPlate dairy group!

Want your own copy? Here's a PDF!

Dairy Comparison Chart

Psssst! Members get an expanded chart, with even more information! In fact, there are 15 more dairy products on the members-only dairy chart. Check it out!

Member Only Dairy Chart

There are lots of other dairy educational resources in the Nutrition Education Store. Here are some of the top sellers!

Calcium Bulletin Board Kit

MyPlate Food Photo Set

Nutrition and Dental Health Poster

PS: If you'd like a comparison chart with larger fonts, check out this version, which has been split into two pages for easier reading.

Dairy Chart Page 1

Dairy Chart Page 2

* Nutrition information from

Members Only: Expanded Dairy Chart Premium Content

Want to learn more about the calories, cholesterol, saturated fat, sodium, sugar, calcium, and protein in your favorite dairy products? Check out this expanded chart with 15 new dairy foods — available only to Food and Health premium members!

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