March Menu

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Looking for healthful menu ideas this March? Look no further! This tasty, inexpensive, and creative menu will breathe new life into your meals.


Calcium Muesli (262 calories)
This muesli is easy to make the night before you want to eat it. That means that your "breakfast prep" time in the morning is just the time it takes you to find a spoon. Plus, this muesli can be served in a travel mug so that you can eat it while you commute or get ready for your day.


Vegetables with Hummus (127 calories)



Calorie Total So Far: 1,238 calories


Apple Yogurt Plate (197 Calories)

Calorie Total for the Day: 1,435 calories

See a registered dietitian to fine tune this diet and find an eating plan that is right for you. Visit Super Tracker to help analyze your eating plan.

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