Sodium in Grain Choices Is High

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shreddedwheat Sodium in Grain Choices Is High

We have noticed that many grain foods in the grocery store are very high in sodium. With MyPlate recommending at least 6 one-ounce servings of grains per day, we figure this is very important to be aware of.
When looking for food choices, always be sure to compare mg of sodium to calories. This is a quick way to gauge sodium content for the calories provided. Most people consume at or under 2,000 calories per day which is about the cut off for normal people according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Those with hypertension or prehypertension or at risk for hypertension need to keep the amount to 1,500 or less.
Grain foods that can be very high in sodium per calorie:
• Frozen waffles
• Frozen pancakes
• Bread
• Rolls
• Stuffing
• Boxed rice mix
• Boxed pasta mix
• Canned pasta items
• Breading
• Baked items
• Bakery mixes like bread
• Many prepared cereals
• Tortillas and wraps
• Crackers
If an item is whole grain that does not mean it is low in sodium. Different brands can really vary in the sodium amount so it is always best to read the label in this food category. If an item has 5% or less of the daily value for fat and sodium it is a good choice.

Low-sodium grain choices Calories Sodium(mg)
Brown rice, plain 173 3
Pasta, plain 210 0
Oatmeal, plain 150 0
Cream of wheat, plain 120 0
Shredded wheat 102 2
Barley 162 5
High sodium grain choices
Stuffing mix 130 490
Flour tortillas or wraps 100 350
Bread 130 300
Rolls 110 260
Bagels 320 520
Frozen waffles 190 370
Corn flakes 100 200
Crackers 120 180
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