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What are your resolutions for the new year? What are your clients planning on doing to improve their health? Here at Food and Health Communications, we want to make setting and achieving your goals as easy as possible. That's why we've developed so many great resources just for you. Today we'd like to highlight a few of our favorites, all of which will help you and your clients make and keep your 2013 resolutions.

Take these simple steps to revamp your diet today!

If you're not sure where to start, check out the 7 Simple Steps poster. It's full of great ideas for cutting calories and returning to a more healthful, balanced diet. This poster lays out simple and straightforward ways to gradually revamp your diet, without requiring a sudden, abrupt, and complex shift that will be harder to maintain over time. The poster also comes with a few handouts that offer display ideas and details about implementing each step. It's perfect for people who want to manage their weight and health, but aren't sure what to try first.

For example, one of the steps outlined on this poster is a transition from whole milk to skim milk. This switch will save 47 calories per cup. Since MyPlate recommends that people consume about 3 cups of dairy per day, drinking nonfat milk instead of whole milk will save you 141 calories per day and 51,965 calories over the course of a year!

Losing weight is more straightforward than it seems.

If successful weight loss/weight management is the goal, another great resource is the Want to Lose Weight? PowerPoint and handout set. This engaging and informative presentation lays out the basics of healthful weight loss. It outlines the role of calories, discusses ways to reduce calorie consumption without added hunger, and offers insight into eating patterns. Plus, the presentation is full of ideas for making daily exercise possible. Sometimes a return to the basics is the best way to get a fresh take on weight management.

This lesson is part of a larger program called the 12 Lessons of Wellness and Weight Loss. The whole program is perfect for a company-wide health initiative and can be customized for a range of audiences. By exploring the whole program, clients can find strategies for building a healthful lifestyle that specifically appeal to them. After all, an appealing program is much easier to stick to than one that isn't as interesting.

This poster value set is full of ideas for good health!

If your New Year's resolution is along the lines of general good health, why not try the Being Healthy is as Easy as A-B-C handout set? And, if you are really into the whole alphabet thing, the Nutrition from A-Z handout that accompanies this Nutrition poster is another great resource for fostering good health.

For specific areas of health education, check out our 101 series. This series offers a guide to understanding and managing blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. You could also focus on strengthening various parts of your system with great resources that promote heart health, diabetes management, gastrointestinal wellness, etc.

Of course, our Member Library is filled with tons of fantastic ideas and tools for making next year the healthiest year yet. If you aren't already a member, check out our amazing deals today! And if you don't see exactly the resource you want, contact us and we'll craft something just for you.

Become a premium member today and get access to hundreds of articles and handouts plus our premium tools!

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