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SuperTracker SearchHave you ever tried SuperTracker?

SuperTracker is a great health and wellness tool from the USDA. With the slogan "My foods. My fitness. My health." this resource is surprisingly versatile, with a wide variety of uses. In fact, you can rely on it for any of the following activities...

  • Creating a personalized nutrition plan
  • Tracking the foods you eat
  • Looking up nutrition information for a wide range of foods
  • Tracking your weight
  • Identifying and setting health goals
  • Creating a personalized physical activity plan
  • Tracking the activities you do
  • Using a virtual coach
  • Keeping a journal about your road to health

What a list! SuperTracker is a comprehensive tool that is perfect for any of your clients who are looking to improve their eating habits and lifestyles.

Checking Out SuperTracker OnlineLet's take a closer look at the tools that this site provides. Here's a rundown of SuperTracker's most featured resources.

  • Food-A-Pedia: It's easy to look up nutrition information for over 8,000 foods with the Food-A-Pedia section of SuperTracker. It even lets you compare foods side-by-side!
  • Food Tracker: This resource can be personalized. Use it to track the food you eat. Are you hitting your nutrition targets?
  • My Weight Manager: With this section of SuperTracker, you will find great weight management guidance. You can also enter your weight and use My Weight Manager to track your progress!
  • My Top 5 Goals: Want to set goals and see how close you are to achieving them? With this tool, you can choose up to 5 personal goals and then sign up for tips and support from a virtual coach. How neat is that?
  • MyJournal: Log your progress with this lovely section of SuperTracker!
  • Groups: SuperTracker groups allow groups of people to use SuperTracker together. (This one is so loaded with great resources that we're going to write a follow-up blog that shines a spotlight on this amazing resource. Stay tuned!)

That's a lot of information, and the sheer number of helpful materials can be overwhelming if you don't start with a plan. I would recommend visiting and clicking on the link that says "Get Started." This will help you determine what and how much you should eat. Then you can create a profile to personalize your experience. SuperTracker will use the data to tailor a plan just for you, or you can start with a generalized plan.

Anyway, there you have it -- a closer look at a wonderful health resource. How will you use it to help your clients?

Oh! And here's a free PDF handout with tips about navigating SuperTracker...

Super Tracker Handout

And finally, here are a few more health and wellness resources from the Nutrition Education Store...

Food and Exercise Tracking Sheet
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I Heart Salad Wristbands
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