Holiday Wellness Challenge

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I'm super proud to introduce a brand-new resource for health and nutrition educators: the Holiday Wellness Challenge!

We all know that the holidays offer some serious pitfalls for healthful living. Schedules get more hectic, and it's harder to squeeze in healthful meals or exercise sessions. Foods get more calorie-dense and portions get more generous. Plus, it's harder to say no to a friend's homemade holiday treats, and friends have a harder time taking no (or moderation) for an answer.

So to make the path to wellness easier, we created this challenge.

The Holiday Wellness Challenge spans 10 weeks and offers a unique contest for each week. There are two levels of goal-setting: long-term and short-term. The long-term goal is formulated during the first week and it spans the rest of the contest. The short-term goals are featured during subsequent weeks and offer new ways of reaching that long-term goal. People can try out each strategy, keeping healthful ideas fresh, new, and interesting throughout the holidays.

For example, most people set an overall weight management goal for the holidays as their long-term goal. Then, in Week 2, they try out a short-term strategy to meet that goal. If they like what they try, they can incorporate it into the following weeks. Week 3 will offer a different strategy with goals for that week, then Week 4 will change things up again, and so on.

Let's take a closer look at what exactly happens in each chapter...

Week 2's goal is to make at least one MyPlate lunch or dinner per day. The challenge materials include a leader guide with activities to help participants meet this goal -- social media resources, email blasts, workshops, presentations, etc. The materials also include helpful handouts that offer ideas for meeting the challenge and details about why this approach is healthful.

The Holiday Wellness Challenge also features entertaining PowerPoint presentations, free logos for company branding, and a guide to the latest weight management research.

Want to see for yourself?

Today, as a special bonus, I'm going to offer a preview of the entirety of one chapter of this challenge. If you like what you see, get the whole challenge today!

So. without further ado, here's Chapter Two...

Holiday Challenge Preview

What do you think? If you would like to use this resource for your clients, then get the details or buy the program anytime.

Holiday Wellness Challenge

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