Get Active with a Bootcamp!

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When I say bootcamp, I don't mean that I'm cooking for upwards of 5 hours in one day. Instead, I've signed up for an bootcamp-style exercise program near me.

And the verdict?

I love it!

After a few sessions, I decided to write about this class on the blog because I think that it will be useful for you too. In fact, signing up for a bootcamp is a great way to help your clients...

  • Pep up their exercise routine
  • Stay motivated to get some physical activity (the group accountability and the fun in each class makes motivating a snap)
  • Exercise safely in a way that's supervised by professionals
  • Improve their physical fitness

Here are the details:

I'm in 3 very hard classes each week. In each class are 15 people and 2 trainers. The price for the program is pretty good and they even have an app so that you can schedule all of your classes ahead of time (when you're feeling motivated -- an extra bonus).

I find that a group bootcamp offers a great combination of aerobic exercise with weights, stretching, and moderate to heavy exertion. Of course you can always slow down or speed up to make the session as hard as you want.

The trainers are all certified and they help a lot with form and with keeping the routine interesting. It's a great way to prevent injury and boredom, while keeping your motivation strong. The bootcamp class I'm in isn't as hardcore as crossfit and it's definitely harder than yoga. It uses a lot of weights, TRX, boxing, and steps. I especially like the weightlifting part of it.

On the off days I can fill in my exercise routine with running or walking outside. I think this is a great way to get a lot of exercise done fast in a social way. It is always more fun to work out with other people than by yourself!

I recommend that people search on Yelp for a highly-rated bootcamp business near them. There are no gym fees or contracts, and people will be helping a local business and meeting more neighbors. People can also check in with their existing gyms or health clubs, along with a local YMCA for more bootcamp options.

Anyway, I just thought this might be a great tool to have in your arsenal as you work with your clients.

And here's another one -- a brand-new infographic about the health benefits of exercise...

Benefits of Get Active with a Bootcamp!

Excited about exercise? Here are a few more materials!

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