3 Ways to Improve Portion Control

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By now, I bet your clients have already learned the basics of portion control. I've offered tons of handouts about ways to get started and manage portions effectively, and I've gotten to hear about lots of amazing portion control activities from you, you wonderful readers.

But is that all there is to the portion control story?

I say no, and that's why I'm presenting 3 new ways to improve portion control.

Here are some new ideas to freshen up your portion control game. Maybe a new angle is exactly what that stubborn client needs, or maybe this is a way to offer a new presentation on a subject that is relevant to your audience. Regardless of how you use it, I thought this guide would be useful, so here you go.

Get It Out of the House!Tip #1: Get It Out of the House!

You’ve probably heard the portion control advice to keep tempting and oversized foods out of the house by not buying them in the first place. No temptation, no problem! Great idea, right?

But what about when you whip up a tray of brownies?

Here’s what you can do. Slice it up, put most of the squares on a plate, and give them away! Keep a few for yourself, pre-sliced into reasonable portions.

Make Friends with Your FreezerTip #2: Make Friends with the Freezer.

When you have leftovers, freeze them in individual portions.

Not only is this more convenient, but it’s also a way to control your portions without having to make a fresh decision every time.

White SpaceTip #3: Embrace White Space!

Downsizing your dishes when you serve yourself is a great way to fill your plate and not feel full.

But if getting all-new plates and bowls isn’t in the cards for you, you can also embrace white space.

Just think about the ways that meals are presented in fancy restaurants. There’s often lots of white on the plate, but that space doesn’t scream deprivation. It is all about class and elegance.

Why not bring that to your meals too?

There you have it! Three new ways to improve your portion control game. And don’t forget about these tried-and-true classics!

  • When you’re dining in a restaurant, share your meal with a friend.
  • Pre-measure snacks and portion them in individual baggies so that you can simply grab and go.
  • Research the menu online before you dine out and choose options that are served in reasonable portions.

By Judy Doherty, PC II and Founder of Food and Health Communications, Inc.

Here are even more resources to help your clients practice portion control. Why not make this healthful habit easy and fun as well?

Empowering Portion Control Poster
Presentation: Portion Control by the Meal
Poster: Scale Down Your Portions

Oh yes! The handout! Don't worry, I didn't forget. Here's a free guide to jump-starting portion control...

3 New Ideas for Portion ControlI hope you like it!

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