Top 25 Sources of Calories

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  1. Grain based desserts: cake, cookies, pie cobbler, sweet rolls, pastries, donuts
  2. Yeast breads: white bread or rolls, mixed grain bread, flavored bread, whole wheat bread, bagels
  3. Chicken and chicken dishes: fried or baked chicken parts chicken strips, patties, stir-fries, chicken casseroles, chicken sandwiches, chicken salads, stewed chicken
  4. Soda/energy/sports drinks
  5. Pizza
  6. Alcoholic beverages
  7. Pasta/pasta dishes - including macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, filled pasta
  8. Tortillas, burritos, tacos
  9. Beef and beef mixed dishes
  10. Dairy desserts
  11. Potato/corn chips
  12. Burgers
  13. Reduced fat milk
  14. Regular cheese
  15. Ready-to-eat cereals
  16. Sausage, franks, bacon, ribs (fatty meats)
  17. French fries
  18. Candy
  19. Nuts
  20. Eggs and egg dishes
  21. Rice and mixed rice dishes
  22. Fruit drinks
  23. Whole milk
  24. Quick breads (muffins, bis- cuits, cornbread)
  25. Cold cuts

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