Holiday Survival and Beyond: Healthful, Tasty Leftovers

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Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you're having a wonderful, healthful, and stress-free holiday. And if the question of "what am I going to do with all of the leftovers from this meal?" is haunting you, then it's time to relax. We've got you covered. After all, leftovers can be some of the best parts of a Thanksgiving celebration. It's important to keep the dishes you make with your leftovers healthful, balanced, and, of course, tasty. Check out our list of perfect recipes that will give all your Thanksgiving leftovers new life.

Leftover Turkey:

Leftover Turkey and Cranberries:

Leftover Mashed Potatoes:

  • Mashed Potato Spinach Soup (Skip cooking the new potatoes and just add your leftover mashed potatoes when the recipe calls for the freshly produced cooked potatoes).

Leftover Bread or Rolls:

Are you bracing yourself for the next big holiday celebration? Find ways to make sure your parties are healthful, fun, and stress-free with our selection of holiday resources. Plus, there are tons of tools for helping other people learn how to manage the holidays in a healthful way. Find your favorite ideas today!

Holiday Secrets contains the most creative, healthful holiday recipes. This is not just another chef's favorite recipe book - it is meant to teach you how to make many holiday creations from appetizers to gravy to desserts no matter your kitchen skill. We promise you will have the most wonderful time making great dishes that taste great, look good and are healthy every time.

Holiday Survival Tips is a wonderful handout that clearly explains a variety of tips and tricks to make any holiday celebration healthful, fun, balanced, engaging, and manageable. It's a perfect quick guide for when you need a holiday pick-me-up.

Of course, since November is American Diabetes Month, we couldn't skip our favorite guide to enjoying the holidays when you're also managing diabetes. This great presentation offers  useful tips on how to balance holiday meals, rushed eating, parties, and buffets so that you will have confidence during this busy time of year.

For more great holiday tips and tricks, along with straightforward and engaging educational tools, check out our Nutrition Education Store. We can also craft resources just for you -- give us a call or email us today!


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