Was the caterer just here?


Lasagna for mom who loves Italian food. Spaghetti for the child who loves Italian food but dislikes lasagna. Mom is very busy right now - was she really cooking 2 meals at once?

Well, the test kitchen does have 2 microwaves. And since Mom is real busy training for a race, she has a freezer stash of planned leftovers:

The last time I cooked spaghetti, I cooked a 2 pound box for 2 people! I froze all the leftovers in individual packets. And the last time I made lasagna, I made 2 huge pans, chilled, cut, froze 20 portions.

So, on a busy night like last night, I could pull out everyone's favorite dinners and have dinner ready in about 12 minutes. I added a salad, some whole grain toast and fruit. Voila - a healthful, delicious dinner is produced in a snap. Everyone is happy!

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