Bite of the Week: Halloween

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Halloween is going to look different this year for many families. But some elements remain the same, and, whatever your clients' celebrations look like, they could always benefit from some helpful health insight.

So, here are links to two fun Halloween resources...

Resource #1: Witch Hat Recipe

In this handy post, you can learn how to make a festive and healthful Halloween treat -- a witch's hat! This post also has lots of fun facts about cabbage and is the perfect building block for a virtual cooking demonstration, email blast, or holiday newsletter.

Resource #2: Pumpkin Fun for Halloween and Beyond! 

Pumpkins are such fun to have around during Halloween, but do your clients know that they're also delicious? Help make cooking with and eating pumpkin more approachable with this handy Halloween post! It's got pumpkin selection and storage tips, a guide to cooking with actual pumpkins, and a closer look at great uses for pumpkin puree.

I hope you like this Bite of the Week!

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