Back to School Tip #3: The MyPlate Pledge

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By now you're familiar with our tips for back to school snacks and back to school exercise, so now it's time for the kids in your life to take the MyPlate pledge!

"What is the MyPlate pledge?" you ask?

Why it's a great way to motivate kids to make healthful choices as the school year begins. The MyPlate pledge breaks down the key lessons of MyPlate into daily achievable goals, presenting them in ways that even young children can understand. If kids take the MyPlate pledge and make healthful choices each day, they can become MyPlate Champions.

Sometimes kids need a little extra motivation to make healthful choices, and this one is a great tool! You can incorporate it into a sticker chart or print a new certificate each day. Kids can even work towards prizes, though we recommend that the prizes not be related to unhealthful foods or activities.

So what do you think? Will you give the MyPlate pledge a try this year?

There are lots of other great MyPlate resources for kids. Don't miss MyPlate's Kids Page and be sure to check out what we have ready for you in the Nutrition Education Store.

*We know this year is especially fraught, especially with COVID-19. Since there is a lot of messaging about that already and the measures taken may be different depending on where you live, we're going to focus on healthy food and exercise when we talk about going back to school.

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