Kitchen Hack: Freeze the Soup

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When I was in Whole Foods the other day, I was delighted to see that some of the newly-redesigned food labels are finally hitting the shelves!


I found these on some soups in the refrigerator section. You'll notice that these soups are low in sodium, which sets them apart from many other prepared soups.

Looking at those soups got me thinking about another kitchen hack that I use all the time but haven't yet shared with you.

When you come across healthful soups like these, buy a bunch and then freeze them for hectic days!


That way, when you're having a hectic afternoon or evening, you don't have to worry about preparing a healthful meal because you've already got the start of one in your freezer.

Just add some whole grain bread and a side salad and you'll have a fantastic dinner -- no stress required.

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I've also assembled a new printable handout with some of these top tips! Check it out!

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