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MyPlate for EveryoneMyPlate is a fantastic nutrition and health education resource, but sometimes its high levels of useful information can be its downfall, overwhelming people until they give up on making MyPlate a part of their lives.

That ends today.

MyPlate for Everyone breaks down the lessons of MyPlate into manageable pieces that make it easy to incorporate MyPlate’s advice into everyday life. It’s full of great handouts, interactive projects, straightforward lessons, and more!

Use MyPlate for Better Health

This book is the perfect resource for health educators. It’s divided into 10 engaging and memorable lessons, and each lesson contains a leader guide with activity ideas and resources for more information. Each lesson also comes with a handout that outlines the key points of the lesson. There are even activity handouts to help participants learn and apply the most important parts of the lesson.

Chapter Breakdown

  • Chapter 1: MyPlate Overview
  • Chapter 2: Why Use MyPlate?
  • Chapter 3: Meet the Vegetable Group
  • Chapter 4: Meet the Fruit Group
  • Chapter 5: Meet the Grain Group
  • Chapter 6: Meet the Protein Group
  • Chapter 7: Meet the Dairy Group
  • Chapter 8: MyPlate Meal Makeovers
  • Chapter 9: Shopping with MyPlate
  • Chapter 10: 3 Steps to Making MyPlate Your Plate, Every Day

Use this book for…

  • Classes
  • Health/Wellness Fairs
  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • School Groups
  • Presentations
  • Email Blasts
  • Webinars
  • And much more!

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