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Let's talk cheese...

There is a huge variety of cheeses on supermarket shelves today, but which one is best for your health? And how can you ever wade through all the varieties?

We've compared a few of the most common cheeses to help you find to cheese that most closely matches your nutrition goals. Check out the chart below!

Screen Shot 2020 03 11 at 12.33.24 PM Cheese Comparison Chart

In the course of our research, we found more than a few surprises about some of our favorite cheeses. For example, the sodium content of Parmesan cheese was truly shocking -- 330 mg of sodium in a single ounce! American cheese and the vegan cheese alternative were also surprisingly high in sodium. Saturated fat, another another food element that we're always looking to reduce, also had some revelations for us. American cheese had the most saturated fat, while mozzarella, the reduced-fat cheeses, goat cheese, and the vegan cheese alternative all had the least. In terms of total fat, all those same cheeses had the least, while American once again had the most.

Now let's explore the nutrients we do want. Swiss cheese had the most calcium in a single serving, while goat cheese had the least. And parmesan was a protein powerhouse, followed closely by Swiss, while the vegan cheese alternative had no protein at all.

What do you think of these results? Did any cheeses stand out to you?

A few notes about our samples: We compared the store brand of all cheeses, when possible. Each serving size was one ounce. The vegan cheese alternative was Dairy Free Mozzarella Shreds by Follow Your Heart.

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