Celebrate Heart Month!

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We've got everything you need to celebrate Heart Month!

Heart Month is here, which means that it's the perfect time to talk about blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and more! It's exciting, but actually crafting all the materials for this whirlwind of health education can take up a ton of your time. Why reinvent the wheel? We've got all the handy heart materials you could possibly want, and if you don't see exactly what you need, let us know and we'll craft custom tools just for you! Here are some of our favorites...

Cardiac trivia makes learning about heart health a snap!

Cardiac Trivia GameLearning about the heart is easy and fun with this engaging trivia game. To play, teams must join forces to answer questions about heart health and disease prevention. There are four major categories -- fiber, sodium, food labels, and dietary approaches to stop hypertension (aka DASH). With the thrill of competition and the silly question style, clients won't even realize how much information they are soaking up. Playing games is a great way to communicate vital information without sacrificing audience engagement.

Other great heart health games in our store include Heart Bingo, Blood Pressure Trivia, and The Hunt for Fiber. Check them out!

Blood Pressure 101: Get the Basics

Blood Pressure 101 Bundle: Get everything you need to know about blood pressure in one convenient package. This bundle includes posters, PowerPoint presentations, and tons of handouts, all with clear, concise messages about managing blood pressure. By using different tools to communicate the same key bits of information, you can appeal to a wide range of learning styles and offer something for everyone. Plus, you can use these tools to reinforce the key points of  blood pressure management. The information in this bundle answers many questions about blood pressure, including...

  • What is blood pressure?
  • What is hypertension and how can I manage it?
  • How does high blood pressure affect my body?
  • How can we treat and prevent hypertension?
  • What role does a healthful diet play in blood pressure management?

Our 101 series doesn't stop with blood pressure! If you like the Blood Pressure 101 Bundle, try our Cholesterol 101 Bundle for even more information about heart health! Or, if you just like 101 bundles, there's also the BMI 101 Bundle, which offers everything you need to know about measuring and managing body mass index.

Here's everything you need for comprehensive heart health lessons.

Premium Heart Education Kit: Do you want all the heart health materials we have to offer? Try this six lesson bundle! It comes with six PowerPoint presentations about heart health and covers blood pressure, cholesterol, DASH, BMI, weight management, and healthful shopping. The kit also includes three sets of handout tearpads, which offer everything your clients need to know about blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI. But wait, there's more! (We've always wanted to say that). The heart education kit also includes three 18x24-inch laminated posters about heart health. These posters address cholesterol, blood pressure, and the DASH diet. As an added bonus, we've also thrown in our Cardiac Trivia Game and our MyPlate Cooking Demo book. And that, friends, is the premium heart education kit.

We're super proud of our materials, which are put together by an A-team of scientists, researchers, dietitians, artists, and editors. If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please contact us anytime.

Happy Heart Month!

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