Activity Idea: Beverage Buffet

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Interactive Activity Ideas Week has come to a close. Here is the grand finale!

If you missed the other great activity ideas, here are...

Activity #3: Beverage Buffet and Tasting Bar

Set up a buffet area with still and sparkling water. Arrange different things that people can add to their drinks alongside your pitchers. Possible options to feature include mint leaves, basil sprigs, sliced oranges, sliced lemons, sliced limes, fresh berries, etc. Make sure that the options are low in calories and high in flavor.

Have participants mix and match the waters and the additions, trying different combinations until they find some that they like.

They can also calculate how much money they’d save if they switched from drinking soda to drinking water. What could they use their savings for? What about calorie savings?

Activity Debrief:

Sodas and energy drinks are huge sources of added sugar in the American diet, and most people don't realize how much sugar and calories they're drinking when they order that sweetened beverage. Even if they do, switching directly from super-sweet sodas to plain water can be jarring and certainly isn't as fun. This activity offers healthful alternatives and a free space to experiment with flavors.

Well, that's the end of Interactive Activity Ideas Week! What did you think? What did you like? What didn't you like? Let me know!

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PS: Here is a handout with all three activity ideas in one place! Enjoy!

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