Member Tutorial

Login by clicking "login" at the top of our website. Use your email address and password. If you don't remember your password you can easily use the password recovery tool:

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All of your member-only resource links are at the top of the page:

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More member-only links are also found on the right side of the page under categories and tools. These member links appear when you are logged in.

Whenever you use the search box at the top right you will be able to choose from recipes, articles, and handouts from everything on our site. One search finds it all!

Here are more useful things to find and do:

  • To find the newsletters, click on This Month or Newsletters at the top of our site. Newsletters are published on the 9th day of the month preceeding. So, September is posted on August 9th. You can also search by month.

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  • Email articles and recipes to anyone using the "Email this" tool at the top of every article and recipe.
  • You can also print to PDF using the print and PDF tools at the top of every article or recipe.
  • Translate the articles to any language using the translate tool on the right side of the page.
  • Use the clipart link at the top to find clipart for any project.

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  • Search, view, copy, print and email recipes. Members can print the photos!

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  • Use the contact us page link at the top of our site to get more help and make requests. We value your feedback!

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  • View My Profile on the top right to check your subscription date and see your member-only discount code.
  • View our authors on the About Us page.
  • If you are a Gold Member you will see the PowerPoint library link on the top. We are adding new shows all the time! Upgrade to Gold by clicking Renew at the top of our site. One year will be added to your existing membership with Gold Privileges starting right now!

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  • And if you are a Premium or Gold member you will see the handout library. We are constantly updating with all of the handouts we create so members can search and scroll to see everything in one handy place:

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Can I copy the handouts?

Yes you receive a license to copy all materials for educational purposes as a member. Simply follow the License to Copy at the bottom of our site. If you are not sure you can always ask us for more help.

How do I renew my subscription?

Login then click Renew at the top of our site. If your membership has expired or you are a new member simply click Join-Renew at the top of the page without logging in.

I forgot my password!

Click login then click "Forgot Password" to have a link sent so you can reset it.

When does my subscription end?

Click MyProfile at the top right when logged in and you will see your subscription end date.

I want to change my email address.

Click "contact us" at the top of the page and we will change it for you.

How do I get my discount code to your Nutrition Education Store?

Click MyProfile at the top right when logged in and you will see your special code for a discount in the

I have to renew by check or purchase order.

It's easy - simple choose pay with check or purchase order as your payment for any plan except auto-renew:

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My secretary needs to access my account.

Share your login or let us know and we will give her one.

I can't find the newsletters.

Click Newsletters at the top of the page to see a list of all that are posted. You can download any newsletter in the archive.

I need a handout - how do I find one?

Search by using the top right search box or click Handout library at the top to search by category.

How do I translate?

Find an article you want to translate and then click Translate on the right side (scroll down). The text articles will be translated. Copy and paste to a Word file so you can print or email them.

I need a special handout or have an article idea!

Click contact us at the top and let us know! Our best ideas are often requests!

I want to write for you.

If you are a dietitian or family and consumer science agent we will accept article ideas. Click Contact Us at the top and let us know. We do not accept commercial ads or consumer bloggers and will not respond to those requests.

I am not getting the emails.

Click Contact Us and let us know. You should ask your IT department to whitelist