McDonald’s McCafe Coffee – Best Bets

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Calories Fat
Coffee (small or large) 0 0
Nonfat McCafe:
Nonfat Cappuccino (small) 60 0
Nonfat Cappuccino (large) 90 0
Nonfat Latte (small) 90 0
Nonfat Latte (large) 120 0
Nonfat Caramel Cappuccino (small) 150 0
Nonfat Caramel Cappuccino (large) 230 0
Here are the stats from regarding the nutrition information for their new McCafe drinks which are popular at the moment. As you can see by this chart, not all coffee is created equal. We were quite surprised when we saw the amount of calories in the sweetened versions .
If your McCafe is made with whole milk the calories range from 120 to 290. The most surprising thing to us is that Iced Coffees range from 120-230 calories.
You can see by our chart that the best bets are the nonfat drinks without the sugar syrup.  If you imbibe on many coffee drinks with sugar and cream per week the calories can really stack up.

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