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Choose My Plate is the newest healthy eating guide from the USDA and it is full of great ideas about portion and proportion balance. Food and Health Communications is proud to be a USDA Choose MyPlate National Strategic Partner.

Learn about ways to create a healthy diet with our wide range of MyPlate education materials and resources. We discuss everything from navigating to deciphering each part of the new icon. Check out all of the great foods and the food group layout. The message for clients is simple, just make a healthy plate with a balance of food groups and you will receive all the nutrients needed in the calories alotted.

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We offer free MyPlate education resources. Check out the links below and you will be transferred to the Nutrition Education Store where you can download fast and free...

Here are FREE Printable My Plate Materials:

Here are the materials you can buy from the Nutrition Education Store:

Choose from My Plate posters, My Plate handouts, My Plate brochures, MyPlate PowerPoint presentations, My Plate bulletin boards, My Plate games, My Plate bookmarks, MyPlate workbooks and more! MyPlate plates are ready for your next presentation or cooking demonstration.


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