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"Thank you for sharing and paying it forward." - Marsha Diamond, MA, RD, Foodservice Business Development Advisor/Insightful Speaker

"Thank you so much for your quick response to my note! You are just the best! I can now select specific pages and pint them out. It is beautifully presented! How awesome that your son is your right hand-that is a treasure. I have been a loyal subscriber since you began and thank you for the 'best of the best' materials and personalized assistance!!!" - Debby Joseph, RD

"Thanks for the recipes. I have been working with the people in our church one Sunday a month to lower blood pressure and watch serving sizes. These will certainly help. Thanks." - Isabelle Anderson, Educator

"I appreciate all of this great information. Keep up the good work." - Ann Langston, Reeds Spring Schools, MO