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Food, Nutrition, Health Observances Calendar for October 2019


In Season...
Apples, Bananas, Beets, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cranberries, Garlic, Ginger, Grapes, Mushrooms, Parsnips, Pears, Pineapple, Pumpkins, Sweet Potatoes and Yams, Winter Squash

National Food Months

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National Food Weeks


Health Literacy Month #healthlit

World Vegetarian Day






Cinnamon Roll Day

Taco Day




Noodle Day


Depression Screening Day






Angel Food Cake Day

World Mental Health Day


International Day of the Girl


Cookbook Launch Day




National Dessert Day

Columbus Day (regional holiday)


Mammography Day


World Food Day












Nut Day




Food Day


World Pasta Day


Pumpkin Day


Apple Day




National Cat Day







2019 Food and Nutrition Hot Topics and New Theme Finder

Here are the hottest food and nutrition education topics based on our professional writers' recommendations, customer requests, nutrition research, post analytics, customer requests, news, and best selling book lists. How-To Cooking Demos for Seasonal Items - this is always our most popular topic and the how-to section in Amazon Cookbooks reflects that people want science, ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Best Holiday Posts

2018 marks the 25th year that I have been in business developing culinary nutrition education materials for dietitians and other health professionals. Much has happened in the past quarter of a decade, including the coming and going of the "fat-free" food trend, Internet/social media, low-carb-high-protein diets, a gluten-free fad, the Pyramid to MyPlate shift, 5 ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Everything Spice

What is the "everything spice"? Well, it is a combination of spices from the "everything bagel", using poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, garlic, and salt. Why would you want to use it? Because it has an intense flavor, some crunch, and not a lot of salt. It is a plant-based (seeds) seasoning that goes great ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Potato Loaf

In our social media "all about the potato" post, we described all of the nutrient advantages of potatoes. See it here. A tour through your grocery store will find piles of fresh potatoes, waiting to go into a comforting fall or holiday meal. So we set to work to make something creative, delicious, and easy. ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Chop Test: An Easier Way to Cook Vegetables

Have you ever wondered if you're cooking vegetables well? I've devised a simple approach that makes determining cooking time and methods a snap! Check out this post for the secret, and don't miss the free infographic!

Holiday Wellness Challenge

How will you help your clients keep their weight on track during the holidays?

October 2018

October 2018 for Premium Food and Health Communication Members: Table of Contents: Read-offline PDF Research update for professionals White label newsletter (.docx) Shareable articles and handouts Graphic of the month Special member-only discounts Read-Offline PDF: Here's the entire PDF edition of the October 2018 newsletter, ready for you to download to read offline, print for your ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Freezer Magic: 8 Tips for Freezing Fruits and Vegetables

Did you take advantage of a store special on produce? Or perhaps you harvested a lot of items from your garden? Or did you simply buy too much produce to use in a week?
Don't worry, there's good news about the bounty that is overflowing from your refrigerator and countertops, and the answer lies in your freezer. You can actually freeze a whole bunch of different fruits and vegetables to use later -- we'll show you how!

Thinking Red and Plant Based Appetizer Platter

This beautiful red appetizer plate was carefully planned so it would meet my criteria for fabulous flavor combinations, easy to make, fantastic presentation, and red color. What's in it? Good question! Here is the simple shopping list: cherry or grape tomatoes radishes seedless black grapes small bell peppers hummus daikon micro-greens Of course it helps ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Healthful Halloween Snacks: Make a Witch’s Hat!

It's Halloween! Time to celebrate! Of course, it can be hard to find celebration snacks that aren't just cookies, candies, and cakes, especially on a holiday that is so closely tied to junk food. However, that doesn't stop us with coming up with fun Halloween projects, and today we'd like to re-introduce one of our most popular recipes, the Witch's Hat Slaw.

Witches and Slaw

Here is a wonderful way to get everyone eating carrots, apples, cabbage and yogurt all at the same time. Plus the slaw witch is bound to gather laughs and many happy memories for Halloween and all month long. From our Holiday Secrets Cookbook.

Alternatives to Baking Cookies

Holiday baking is often a treasured tradition in most households. And of all of the holiday food festivities, baking is one of the highest impact with regards to calories. Many people make 3 or more kinds of cookies in large batches. A one-ounce cookie contains about the same amount of calories as an ounce of ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Kitchen Hack: 18 Tips for Making Meal Planning and Shopping Easy

Planning ahead makes it mentally easier to prepare a meal without having to think of what to make. Trips to the grocery store are fewer, faster and easier. Here are 18 of our the best tips: #1- Plan meals around complex carbohydrates and plant based items such as pasta, rice, baked potatoes, legumes and whole ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

October 2017

October 2017 for Premium Food and Health Communication Members: Table of Contents: Read offline PDF Research update for professionals White label newsletter .docx Shareable articles and handouts Graphic of the month Special member-only discounts New resources from Nutrition Education Store Read Offline PDF: Here's the entire PDF version of the October 2017 newsletter, ready for you to ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

7 Steps for Lung Cancer Protection

The National Lung Association has dubbed May "Breathe Easy Month." As the month comes to a close, we wanted to recognize this aspect of May with a review of some ways to improve your lung function through healthful eating. While the National Institute of Cancer maintains that giving up smoking is the most beneficial health action that smokers can take to lower their risk of lung cancer, the following dietary recommendations may also offer protection against lung cancer -- for smokers and nonsmokers alike.

Practice Competencies for Nutrition Practitioners to Maintain Credentials

Beginning June 1, 2016, for recertifying credentialed nutrition and dietetics practitioners completing the 2016-2021 recertification cycle, the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) transitioned into an updated credentialing system based on practice competencies...

Jarrahdale Blue Pumpkin

While touring the beautiful California coast near Santa Cruz, I came upon a few pumpkin farms right on the ocean. I wanted to buy a pie pumpkin because they are more flavorful than the larger pumpkins used for decorations. They are also smaller and easier to handle. I was met with a few choices of ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Fall Nutrition Handout

Fall is in full swing, and what better way to celebrate is there than with a fresh new handout?

October 2016

You won't want to miss this edition of the Communicating Food for Health Newsletter!

Sneak Preview: Make Vegetables More Appealing!

Here's a special preview of Building a Plant-Based Eating Pattern: Vegetables, the first in a new series about creating an eating pattern that is rich in healthful plants...

Free Nutrition Education Poster!

We would love to give all of our charitable followers a free poster... so we're going to!

New Sugar Guidelines for Kids

A new statement from the American Heart Association advises all kids from age 2 to 18 to consume no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugars per day. Children under the age of 2 should consume no added sugars at all...

Make Healthful Choices Appealing

How a food looks aesthetically can seriously affect people's perception of it. In order to make healthy meals appetizing, it helps to make them actually look appealing too.

Happy Health Education Week!

Happy Health Education Week! Here are some of the top health education resources that my team and I have created over the years. Since we're here to help you look your very best, right now, I thought I would collect our favorite posts on popular health topics and share them in one handy place! So here you go -- our top blog posts about heart health, diabetes, cancer, nutrition, and physical activity. Which ones will make your life easier?

Fact Sheet: Plant Protein

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month! We'd like to celebrate by offering this research-based fact sheet about plant protein and its place in the diet...

High-Protein Chocolate Mousse

It's Vegetarian Awareness Month! Celebrate with this healthful dessert that features 9 grams of protein per serving! This sweet treat is a perfect vehicle for plant protein...

October 2015

It's time for the October 2015 newsletter! This edition features great diabetes research, freezer-friendly recipes, interactive activity ideas, and all-new handouts!

Make the Most of Pasta Month

Did you know that October is National Pasta Month? Celebrate with these cooking and shopping tips!

Fed Up: A Review

Lynn Grieger just watched Fed Up, the new documentary about food and exercise. Is it worth your time?

Health Literacy Month: Fruits and Vegetables

It's Health Literacy Month! To celebrate, I've brought out one of my very favorite handouts, just for you. Check it out!

10 Recipes for Apple Month

I've been cooking with apples for a very long time now, and they play key roles in some of my favorite recipes. So, to inspire you, expand your repertoire, and offer free materials that you can send on to your clients, I have collected my top 10 best apple recipes right here, just for you.

Celebrate Fall with MyPlate!

The first official day of fall is September 23rd, and we're going to celebrate with MyPlate!

Take Control of Your Portions

Portion control is just plain hard, and restaurant servings do not help. Today, because I love you, I am offering a free handout full of great ways to reduce oversized portions and manage a healthful diet. Check it out!

Cooking Skill Workshops

What would you do if you could enlist the help of a professional chef who is also an expert in healthful cooking?

Well, today is your lucky day. You really can get the help of a chef who trained at the Culinary Institute of America and who has spent over 20 years developing amazing techniques and new innovative ideas to improve cooking skills and freshen up old ideas.


10 Free Nutrition Handouts

New handout delivery system for free nutrition handouts will serve more target audiences

Pumpkin Fun for Halloween and Beyond!

Pumpkins are such fun to have around during Halloween, but did you know that they're also delicious? Plus, they're rich in nutrients and low in calories. Just one-half cup of canned pumpkin provides 4 grams of fiber, no fat or cholesterol, and only 50 calories. But how can you incorporate more pumpkin into your diet? Try these fun tips!

Cracking the Vault for Vegetarian Awareness Month

It's Vegetarian Awareness Month and we're celebrating by cracking the vault and giving you a sneak peek at our members-only exclusive content. So get ready to celebrate this great month with some vegetarian trivia and a recipe or two!

Health Literacy Month and MyPlate

Did you know that October is Health Literacy Month? Well, now you do! One of the easiest ways that I've found to build health literacy is to consult MyPlate. MyPlate is the USDA's guide to healthful and balanced meals, setting up standards and guidelines for each meal. Today, I'm including a link to a free download of a MyPlate poster at the bottom of this post...

Italian-Style Skillet Casserole

It's Pasta Month! Ready for a great new recipe? Here's a modern, one-pot skillet casserole that comes together in less than 30 minutes!

Cooking Home Run Meals at Home

I am so proud to introduce Home Run Cooking, the latest cookbook from Food and Health Communications. It was truly a labor of love, and I really think you'll like what you see...

Gluten-Free at FNCE

The Food and Culinary Professional Dietary Practice Group included an engaging and informative gluten-free workshop at Drexel University during FNCE. Here's what happened in that workshop...

Meet Fruit Tooth!

It's here! It's finally here! Check out our latest cookbook, Fruit Tooth, which is a fantastic resource for creating delicious and healthful desserts. And the best part? It's totally free!

Easy Baked Pasta

Last week, we talked about simple substitutions that you could make to improve the nutrient profile of a dish without sacrificing texture or flavor. Want to try some of those techniques for yourself? Whip up this simple pasta dish today!

Gluten Free for You and Me?

According to Packaged Facts, gluten-free sales reached more than $2.6 billion by the end of 2010 and are now expected to exceed more than $5 billion by 2015. Why? Well, in this article, we explore some of the leading reasons to go gluten-free...

Weight Control Registry Update

Did you ever notice when you go out to eat you always order the same thing at a restaurant? Well, why not do that at "your" restaurant? Sure, you can alter your list and add new dishes or change them as needed. You can also find something neat to prepare in the store. But we find just having a plan is a good idea.

Low Sodium Vegetarian Pizza

You don't have to give pizza up - you just have to make it smarter. Watch our high definition video in 1.5 minutes and start making your own pizza at home - this can save you 42,000 mg of sodium and $130 per year over the delivery or restaurant version. Enjoy!

Whole Wheat CousCous

Here is a spring market basket from the produce section of our local store. It has fresh items that are in season now and I got a selection and challenged myself to figure a menu for the day and the week when I got home. The produce section inspires me.

Roasted Vegetarian Dinner

This wonderful vegetarian dinner was easy to make. It used 15 different vegetables and only took about 15 minutes to prep. The baking time was 1-1/2 hours - and it was unattended. The house smelled wonderful and now we have leftovers for tomorrow, too.

Vegetarian Discoveries

The second thing that stands out to me is the positive message that there is a whole world of colorful healthy food out there for everyone to try!

Warm Apple Collard Salad

I wanted to do something with the collard greens I just bought at the store. One of the best recipes I ever created using these greens had a bit of brown sugar, black eyed peas and sliced lean ham and was for a project creating healthier African-American recipes. But I was out of the latter ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications




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