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Food, Nutrition, Health Observances Calendar for June 2022


In Season...
Apricots, Bananas, Beets, Bell Peppers, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cantaloupe, Cherries, Corn, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Garlic, Grapefruits, Grapes, Green Beans, Honeydew Melon, Kiwifruit, Lima Beans, Mushrooms, Nectarine, Peaches, Peas, Plums, Radishes, Raspberries, Strawberries, Summer Squash and Zucchini, Tomatillos, Tomatoes, Watermelon

National Food Months

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National Food Weeks


Cancer Survivor's Day

Donut Day

First Day of LGBTQ+ Pride Month


MyPlate Birthday


Donut Day

National Hunger Awareness Day

National Running Day






Cancer Survivor's Day




World Ocean Day




National Herb and Spice Day


National Get Outdoors Day






World Blood Donor Day

Flag Day




Fresh Veggies Day


Eat Your Vegetables Day




Turkey Lover's Day

Father's Day



World Refugee Day

Juneteenth (substitute)


First Day of Summer












National HIV Testing Day








Recipes for June


10 Free Nutrition Handouts

New handout delivery system for free nutrition handouts will serve more target audiences

June 2022

Are you ready for June? Our team has a fantastic slate of resources, just for you...

Steak Grilled Cauliflower

  Slice a whole head of cauliflower just like a steak, then season and grill it like a steak. It ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

12 Salad Presentations + 3 Bonus Ideas

Salad is the biggest "food group" in our recipe categories - we have 100 salads in our new Celebrate Salad eCookbook. Here are 12 plated salad presentation ideas from a professional chef whose passion is to cook healthy and make a lot of salads.

Teaching a Cooking Class: Tips and Tricks

I have been teaching a string of cooking classes recently, and boy have I ever learned a lot! Here are the tried-and-true secrets that take a presentation from good to great...

June 2021

June 2021 Newsletter and Resources for Premium Food and Health Communication Members: Table of Contents: Read-offline PDF newsletter Research update ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

June 2020

June 2020 for Premium Food and Health Communication Members: Table of Contents: Read-offline PDF newsletter Research update for professionals White ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Making Family Mealtime Successful

We recently interviewed busy parents who are successful at making family mealtime work in their house. We thought they were ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Rainbow Fruit and Vegetable Activity Ideas

We've all heard about the importance of eating from the rainbow to get a variety of foods and nutrients. In fact, we've probably already taught this concept to our clients. But now it's time for a refresher -- a new way to make eating from the rainbow both fun and possible...

June 2019

It's here! It's here! The June 2019 edition of the newsletter is here!

2019 Food and Nutrition Hot Topics and New Theme Finder

Here are the hottest food and nutrition education topics based on our professional writers' recommendations, customer requests, nutrition research, post ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Chop Test: An Easier Way to Cook Vegetables

Have you ever wondered if you're cooking vegetables well? I've devised a simple approach that makes determining cooking time and methods a snap! Check out this post for the secret, and don't miss the free infographic!

Kitchen Hack: Cherry Tomatoes

The farmer's market is in full swing at our shopping mall in Fremont, CA. It is exciting because there are ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Social Messaging: Peaches

Need some sweet tweets? Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, LD shares a few about peaches. Peaches. Nothing says “summer” like fresh ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Social Messaging: Strawberries

These tips on strawberries are from Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, LD, and can be used for social media or any ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Kitchen Hack: Open Faced Tacos – Street Tacos

Looking for a new way to serve delicious tacos? Go open-faced! I first saw these delicious street-style tacos while visiting ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Grilled Veggies and Spring Farmers’ Markets

Spring and summer bring tons of fresh vegetables from gardens, farmers' markets, and grocery stores. The latest farmers' market bounty included ripe beefsteak tomatoes, baby turnip greens, baby carrots, baby bok choy, asparagus, and spinach. Here's what we made with our delicious haul from the farmer's market in Boulder, Colorado...

June 2018

June 2018 for Premium Food and Health Communication Members: Table of Contents: Read offline PDF Research update for professionals White ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Farmer’s Market Dinner

I got to visit a Farmer's Market over the weekend. They had a huge array of tropical fruits, local grown seasonal produce, fresh herbs, sunflowers and more!

Pea Shoots and More Greens

Pea shoots are larger than "sprouts" but are not mature enough to produce peas. They taste like peas and have a delicate flavor. Plus, their versatility makes them delicious whether they are raw or cooked. Find out what we bought at the farmers' market this week and see the dishes we made with our finds!

Using the Dietary Guidelines for Americans This Summer: A Strategy Guide

Here's a closer look at a few ways you can maximize the impact of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans during the summer months...

June is Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

June is fruit and veggie month. Celebrate by solving these 20 riddles - and learn more about these great super foods!

Quick Quiz for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

June is Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month! Pique your audience's interest in these tasty foods by introducing some riddles from Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD...

1 Day Old

Families enjoy a U Pick 'Em Farm in Davenport, CA, where strawberries grow by the sea!! A farmer's market changes ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Added Sugars and Your Health

We're all familiar with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans' advice to reduce the amount of added sugars in our eating patterns. Today I want to talk about why that recommendation exists...

Relieve Stress and Promote Fruit with Brand-New Coloring Pages

Calming your brain while promoting mindfulness is great news for your health, as is finding healthful ways to get rid of stress, tension, and anxiety. With that in mind, I asked my team of artists to come up with some great coloring pages that also promote healthful dietary messages...

5 Questions and Answers about Carbohydrates

Let's talk about the nutrition world's most controversial macronutrient...

June 2017

Here's the next edition of the all-new member-exclusive newsletter! Check out the great research, handouts, and recipes in this month's ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

It’s Time to Help Your Business Grow

Food and Health Communications, Inc. is proud to present a marketing platform for nutrition, health, and food professionals. We have ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Practice Competencies for Nutrition Practitioners to Maintain Credentials

Beginning June 1, 2016, for recertifying credentialed nutrition and dietetics practitioners completing the 2016-2021 recertification cycle, the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) transitioned into an updated credentialing system based on practice competencies...

Tasty and Light Summer Dessert!

Try this tasty and light berry float for a refreshing ice cream treat in reasonable portions and with lots of nutrients.

3 Ways to Celebrate Papaya Month!

June is Papaya Month, and it's definitely not too late to celebrate!

Iced Tea Month: A Perfect Opportunity for Nutrition Education

Iced tea is a beverage that can either be an integral part of a healthy eating pattern or a sneaky source of added sugars and empty calories. Celebrating Iced Tea Month offers a fantastic opportunity to help your audience rethink their drinks, leading them to make healthier choices that are lower in added sugars.

Cooking Demonstration Idea for June

There are lots of ways to add flavor to iced tea without sugar, but many people still think of it as a bitter and unpalatable drink. End the misconceptions by demonstrating just how easy it is to make delicious iced tea at home...

A Dietitian’s Take on the New Food Labels

The updated food facts label has been a long time coming, and like many changes there are some positives as well as negatives...

Kitchen Hacks: Cooking Tools

This week's kitchen hacks will focus on tools that can take your cooking from good to great!

Fun Ways to Get Picky Eaters to Try New Foods

Recently I presented 3 Fun Ways to Get Kids to Try New Foods: Prescription for Picky Eaters at the Child and Adult Care Food Program's (CACFP) Sponsors Association Meeting in Orlando Florida. It was a lot of fun, and today I'd like to share some of the highlights with you!

Celebrate Strawberry Month!

Did you know that May is National Strawberry Month? Celebrate with this fantastic recipe for Strawberry Supreme -- it's perfect for a snack or dessert!

Kitchen Hacks: Freeze It!

It's time for another edition of kitchen hacks! Today I want to focus on the freezer...

June 2016

Links to the June 2016 Issue: Bad "Good" HDL Cholesterol – by James J. Kenney PhD, FACN Web Links for Fresh Fruit ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Web Links for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

Here are some of my favorite resources for presentations, email blasts, recipes, games, and infographics that highlight fresh fruits and vegetables...

New Series: Kitchen Hacks

Today I want to start a new series: Kitchen Hacks. In this series, I'll share the tips and tricks I've learned while spending years in kitchens all across the United States. These will be fun tidbits for cooking demonstrations, recipe inspiration, email blasts, handouts, presentations, activities -- however you'd like to use them!

Reader Request: Healthy Dairy Choices

A longtime reader asked if we had any handouts on healthy dairy choices, and I decided it was time to offer a more in-depth exploration of particular products and their impact on health. Here are the results...

Dairy Month Quiz!

It's Dairy Month! Do your clients know what foods fit into MyPlate's dairy food group? How about the role of calcium in good health? Or how many servings of dairy are recommended each day? Help your clients get those answers -- and more -- with this fun and engaging quiz!

Free Infographic for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

To add to your Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month celebrations, we've whipped up a brand-new infographic. Since many people have a hard time visualizing MyPlate's serving sizes, we made a visual guide. And you can get a copy -- for free! Take a look...

Take Control of Your Portions

Portion control is just plain hard, and restaurant servings do not help. Today, because I love you, I am offering a free handout full of great ways to reduce oversized portions and manage a healthful diet. Check it out!

Cooking Skill Workshops

What would you do if you could enlist the help of a professional chef who is also an expert in healthful cooking?

Well, today is your lucky day. You really can get the help of a chef who trained at the Culinary Institute of America and who has spent over 20 years developing amazing techniques and new innovative ideas to improve cooking skills and freshen up old ideas.


Easy Summer Dinner: Lamb Kabobs

Hey, remember when we did grilling 101 earlier this week? Let's follow up with a simple and totally delicious dinner that your clients can make on a grill!

A Beginner’s Guide to Grilling

The temperatures are continuing to rise, and in all this heat, who wants to turn on the oven or stove? Help your clients beat the heat with this fun guide to grilling.

Why Try the Mediterranean Diet?

Get a free handout while taking a closer look at the new Mediterranean Diet program...

Fruit and Vegetable Challenge

As health educators, we spend a lot of time making nutrition lessons engaging for our clients. Well, now it's our turn. Are you ready to take the challenge?

Refreshing Summer Treats

There's more to summer refreshment than the siren song of the ice cream truck. Did you know that you can make inexpensive and totally delicious popsicles at home?

Popsicles: A Closer Look

Summer is a great time for popsicles -- but are all popsicles created equal? Check out this comparison of popular popsicles' calorie density, nutrient content, and added sugars...

MyPlate 4-Step Plan for Summer

Tomorrow marks the official start of summer! How will your clients stay healthy and have fun? For some practical advice, we turn to MyPlate. Here are 4 easy steps for making the summer active, healthful, and a total blast...

Blood Pressure Quiz

Are you heart smart? Take this blood pressure quiz and find out!

Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Rainbow Salad Poster

Wanna get a sneak peek behind the scenes at Food and Health? Let's take a look at the Rainbow Poster, one of the most popular nutrition education materials we've got.

The Art of Portion Control

Good portion control doesn't have to mean scarcity. This may not seem like an earth-shattering point, but so many people I talk to think of portion control as the best way to manage deprivation. That's not it at all! You can control your portions and still feel full -- and it's easier than you think.

A Father’s Day Celebration That’s Good for His Health!

Father's Day is just around the corner. Why not level up your celebration? In addition to celebrating the fathers in your life, help them boost their health too!

Skinny Skinny Whipped Cream

Did you know that you can make 2 cups of whipped cream that only contain 30 calories... total? It's possible! Check out this post for all the details...

Vitamin D and You!

July is a great time to make sure that you are getting enough vitamin D while still keeping your skin cancer risk low. Not sure how to do that? Check out this excerpt from our amazing vitamin D education program...

5 Ways to Make Salad

We are starting to make and photograph all of our recipes - over 1000! First up - 25 salads in 2 days. What we discovered, is that there is more than one way to make a salad! Here are fun tips, photos and recipes so easy you don't need a recipe. Vote on your favorite or give us a tip and win a prize.

Cracking the Vault for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

We're cracking the vault once again, allowing you a sneak peek into some of the best content from our comprehensive member library. Why would we do this? Well, June is Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, and we're dying to celebrate!

Go-For-A-Walk Pizza

This easy pizza features a whole grain crust and fresh vegetables from a local farmer's market. Best of all, the dough was mixing and rising while our family went for a walk. The secret? A bread machine!

Grilled Chicken and Chard

Today we're going to talk about delicious ways to balance your plate like MyPlate, especially when it comes to getting ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Fall in Love with Salad

Salads make simply fantastic meals. They are chock-full of nutrients and flavor, and -- when prepared thoughtfully -- they can be low in calories but still very satieting. Today we'd like to celebrate salad with a guide to its preparation, presentation, and transportation.

Enjoy Summer Fruit!

Every season features its own special fruits and vegetables, but summer offers an exceptional range of choices. In this post, we explore the best ways to treat yourself to summer fruit.

Make it Easy to Eat Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Here at Food and Health, we're still celebrating Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month (who wouldn't?!), so we thought we'd post a few more tips about making it easy to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month Feature: Onions

Wouldn't it be great to season your food without adding a lot of fat or salt? Try onions! Their lively flavor ranges from sharp to sweet. In addition to enhancing many different dishes, onions also provide a nutritional boost and tons of fiber.

Celebrate Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month with… Fresh Fruits and Vegetables!

Do you wish your family would eat more fruits and vegetables? Sometimes the facts about these healthful foods simply aren't enough, and in order to get your family to eat more fruits and vegetables, you have to get creative. That's why we've compiled some of our favorite tips and tricks in today's blog post!

Pasta Fresca

Celebrate Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month with this delicious recipe. After you cook the spaghetti, the rest of the dish comes together in just 5 minutes! It's simple, quick, and received rave reviews from our testers.


If you are tired of romaine, iceberg and grocery store lettuce and greens, wait until you see the list of items we just found in a farmer's market. Braising, salad, sprouts and so many flavors await!

Preserving fresh basil – one bunch can go in many meals

A traditional pesto has more ingredients – like garlic, pine nuts, other herbs, etc. and you can certainly add all of those, but there is also nothing wrong with simply preserving an herb in olive oil and freezing it and using it like pesto.