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Today's topic is inspired by this beautiful gallery of fruit pictures. These photos have been taken over time as we have prepared snacks and desserts in our own kitchen and for various projects. I thought it would be fun to assemble all of them for inspiration.

Yesterday, as I was putting away the groceries and organizing the refrigerator, I was thinking that getting your family to eat more fruit is more about being a fruit vendor in your own kitchen. Of course you are not charging money, but you must make the fruit appealing so it wins out over other choices, like the candy jar or potato chips. Fortunately, for some reason, most kids go to the refrigerator before the pantry and cabinets.

We do not eat deli meat anymore for a variety of reasons, too numerous to put here. BUT the glory part about this decision is that we use the deli drawer of the refrigerator for fruit - apples, pears, boxes of raisins, baggies of dried cranberries, lunch-box-sized containers of applesauce and peaches and more - all in the deli meat drawer - ready to be grabbed.

--Grapes are washed and cut into clusters and put in ziplock bags - ready to be grabbed and put into lunchboxes or go-in-the-car snacks. Ditto with raisins and dried cranberries.

--Home made apple sauce is put into clear glass little bowls so it beckons a refrigerator onlooker, the way a plate of coconut cream pie might on a cafeteria line.

--Other fruits, such as peaches and blueberries, that are cooked compote style, are also put into these little glass bowls - and they are covered with plastic - ready to be a sweet snack or dessert - we even indulge with a little whipped cream.

--When we have more time we make a parfait out of yogurt and fruit and put in a beautiful stemmed glass for dessert and sometimes as you see here in many photos we love to make platters and stemmed glasses of just a variety of fruit - topped with grated orange zest or shredded mint.

--Platters of melons and bowls of berries are sliced or cubed and ready to serve. We put those out for after dinner conversation or games or when guests come over and want a snack after swimming in the pool.

--There is a paper plate with fruit - that was made on a camping trip - with the paper plate being the cutting and serving board for the day.

--Whenever we see decorative bowls or plates in the stores we buy them for photography work but we also like to use them in the refrigerator.

--There are pictures from a farmer's market - it is always fun to go and pick your fruit from somewhere else besides the grocery store.

The variety and selection changes as do the fruits in season do themselves. Keep it fresh and new and fun. I am constantly changing dishes and platters to keep everything appealing.

I hope you enjoy these photos and ideas!


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