10 Free Nutrition Education Handouts

Free Nutrition Handout Kit

Brown Rice Handout

It's So Easy is a new nutrition handout collection by Food and Health Communications, Inc. It consists of 10 handouts designed to give every health educator a head start to make a difference for their students and clients.

Here is an overview of what you get. We have chosen the 10 handouts based on years of following what people request and download on our site. And we have compiled, simplified, and designed them to be easy to read and easy to follow.

We know you can't be there to cook for your clients every night. But you can give them a few cooking instruction tools that will make a huge difference over time.

Brown Rice Handout

Here you can get 7 top meal preparation handouts that are the most important for today's consumer to take control of their own health.

  • Brown Rice - now they don't need the sodium-ladened package!
  • Steamed Veggies - so easy and delicious
  • Fresh Pasta - skip the high-sodium, expensive sauce
  • MyPlate - here is how to make a healthful plate
  • Grilled Dinner - throw it all on the grill
  • Oatmeal - start your day right
  • 7 Simple Steps Save 500,000 Calories - an overview that drives home the importance of these changes

Plus you will receive a copy-ready healthy shopping list with 10 meal ideas:

FreeShoppingList copy

And 2 specialty population handouts for kids and patients who have diabetes:


All handouts come with a section for you to add your "brought to you by" information.

We want you to succeed every day! They all have the same professional, easy-to-read and easy-to-do format! Check them out!

Brown Rice HandoutBrown Rice HandoutBrown Rice Handout

Brown Rice HandoutBrown Rice HandoutBrown Rice Handout

Nutrition Handouts for Today's Consumer

Now you can have a great starter kit of 10 PDF copy-ready handouts that help consumers learn and remember your messages. PLUS you will receive new handouts and tips every week.

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Brown Rice Handout

Our long time subscriber, Mary, writes, "Judy, thank you very much for all the cooking instruction sheets! They are wonderful handouts that I plan to discuss, copy and handout at any group presentations that may do, as well as to the teachers/staff at my daughters school during National Nutrition Month. I have picked up some great ideas for my own family meals, too" --Mary Therese Maslanka, RD, LDN, Mount Prospect, IL

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