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Cooking 101:

Muesli Breakfast Muesli is a traditional Swiss breakfast made with fruit, oats and yogurt. It is a fun change from cooked oatmeal or dried cereal. Best of all you can make it ahead of time and take it with you in the morning. >>MORE

Berry Dessert Berry Custard Dessert - Creme anglaise is the base of classic vanilla ice cream and creme brulee. It is also delicious when served over  cake, cookies, fruit, or meringues. The term "creme anglaise" refers to an English-style custard otherwise …>>MORE

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Food Shopping:

Sugar Substitutes Sugar Substitute How-To - Many people use sugar substitutes to reduce their empty calorie intake and improve their health. But do these products actually live up to their hype? In this post, we evaluate various sugar substitutes and reveal the most effective ways to use them. >>MORE

candy bar size comparison Candy Size Matters - Mars Inc., the famous candy company, has decided to stop producing king size Snickers bars. Not only that, but they are replacing those giant bars with a 2-in-1 package that contains two smaller Snickers bars. Here we compare candy sizes and calories…>>MORE

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Food and Health:

Sodium Potassium Party Potassium is great for your heart, but many people aren't getting nearly enough of it. On the flip side, most Americans are consuming way too much sodium, and we mean waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much sodium. Take a look at our strategies for balancing sodium and potassium intake! >>MORE

Fiber Is Your FriendFiber is Your Friend - This post explores the basics of fiber. Learn about the differences between soluble and insoluble fiber, fiber's health benefits, where to find high-fiber foods, and more! >>MORE

3 steps for following a nutrition facts label 3 Steps to Nutrition Facts Label Success - The Nutrition Facts label is full of vital information for evaluating a product, but do you know how to interpret all the details? Find out with our simple, 3-step system for reading a Nutrition Facts label. >>MORE

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Fun for Kids:

No Battles Better Eating for Kids No Battles Better Eating - The most surefire way to a better appetite is to burn more calories – run, walk, play – limit screen time. Here are ways to get kids to love healthier food without the battles. >>MORE

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MyPlate Topics and Lessons:

Balance Calories with My Plate Plate Size Calorie Chart - There are many ways to use a plate for portion control. After all, size matters. What you put on the plate matters. Using a plate to visualize how much you are eating is a great idea. We like to think of a plate as a reverse piggy bank. The smaller it is, the more you save!! >>MORE

Free My Plate Education Materials Free My Plate Materials - Choose My Plate is the newest healthy eating guide from the USDA and it is full of great ideas about portion and proportion balance. Learn about ways to create a healthy diet with our wide … >>MORE

MORE MyPlate Topics...

MyPlate Education MaterialsFood and Health Communications is proud to be a National Strategic Partner for the USDA's MyPlate. We have added the key messages to our Food, Nutrition and Health Observances calendar. This quarter's message: Balance Your Calories. Enjoy Your Food But Eat Less. Add our Food, Nutrition and Health Observances calendar to your website.

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