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November is Diabetes Month and it's time to stock up on all the resources you need! Here are some of my favorites...

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12 Lessons of Diabetes Program

The 12 Lessons of Diabetes Program

Looking for tools for comprehensive diabetes education? This program has absolutely everything you need. Really. Everything. The core of the program is an exhaustively-researched book that is based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific studies. It divides everything you need to know about diabetes into 12 easy lessons. Each lesson has a PowerPoint show, handout set, and poster that accompanies it, which makes this program perfect for customization and accessible to a wide variety of learning types. So, what are the 12 lessons? They are...

  1. Diabetes 101 and Risk Factors
  2. Motivation and Smart Goal Setting
  3. ABCs of Diabetes Management: A1C, Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol
  4. The Whys and Hows of Weight Management
  5. Exercise to Lose and Control Weight
  6. Healthful Eating with Diabetes
  7. Living with Diabetes: The Benefits of a Healthful Breakfast
  8. Living with Diabetes: Make a Diabetes Plate for Lunches and Dinners
  9. Carbohydrate Counting and Label Reading
  10. Shop Smart
  11. Snack Right
  12. A Guide to Sugar Substitutes

What are you waiting for! Get your copy of the 12 Lessons of Diabetes Program today!

55552 Diabetes Month Resources
Diabetes Poster Value Set

Diabetes Educational Posters

These posters are perfect for pepping up your office or classroom, illustrating key points for a presentation, perking up a wellness fair booth, or even serving as prizes in raffles, contests, and giveaways. There are tons of great posters to choose from, but I have listed my favorites below. (Shhhh, don't tell the others)!

Diabetes Risk Poster: This diabetes awareness poster helps your audience evaluate their risk for pre-diabetes and diabetes. It includes a handy table with glucose numbers and tips for lowering diabetes risk.

How to Carb with Diabetes Poster: This diabetes poster was made by customer request. With it, diabetes patients can learn to count carbs when reading a food label, memorize common serving sizes for carbohydrate foods, and explore ways to fill their plates healthfully for optimal diabetes management. One poster does it all.

The Way to Eat with Diabetes Poster: Key tips for successful diabetes management are illustrated and condensed into easy-to-learn, easy-to-remember lessons. This poster covers everything from timing meals and snacks well to listing healthful foods that can replace calorie-dense treats.

2 29 Diabetes Month Resources
Diet and Type 2 Diabetes 3 PowerPoint Set

Diet and Diabetes PowerPoints

The Nutrition Education Store is chock-full of engaging and colorful PowerPoints that can really get key messages across. One of my favorites is the Diet and Type 2 Diabetes 3 PowerPoint Set, which features 3 fantastic presentations for 1 low price. This set offers a comprehensive approach to teaching clients the importance of diet when managing diabetes. From insulin resistance to impaired fasting glucose to the various types of diabetes, you will find the information you need to counsel and motivate clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle and really make a difference in their lives. The goal is for them to reduce insulin resistance and body weight -- not just count carbs or reduce blood sugar. It is a valuable long-term approach. The bundle includes 3 PowerPoint shows with speaker's notes and handouts. It was compiled by James J. Kenney, PhD, FACN and Judy Doherty, PC II.

Another great presentation is Diabetes 101, which comes in both English and Spanish editions and has tons of handouts as well. Diabetes 101 provides simple, easy-to-understand information for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes. It takes a complicated yet life-quality-dependent subject and breaks it down into important steps that are easy to learn and remember. Get your copy today!

The last presentation that I want to feature today is Eating with Diabetes. I love this presentation because it provides valuable strategies for eating well with diabetes. Since blood sugar control is the primary goal with diabetes management, it's important for people to know that some foods are better at stabilizing blood sugar, while others raise blood sugar more quickly.

For more information, visit the Nutrition Education Store or email me with your own suggestions for new diabetes education products.

-- Judy Doherty, PC II

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