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Black Sand Basin Yellowstone
Black Sand Basin, Yellowstone

Just wanted to share some pictures from our vacation - we went camping and hiking around Yellowstone. What a way to spend a great active family vacation on a budget! Our national parks and especially the Grand Teton NP and Yellowstone NP are just wonderful with regards to visitor experience and environmental stewardship. We camped in a tent cabin which is very inexpensive compared to a hotel; we made dinner by the campfire - complete with campfire chicken stew, fresh pasta, make your own tostadas and more - healthy eating was not forgotten! And we hiked almost every day - some days I went close to 9 miles if you included my morning run.
Campfire chicken stew
Campfire Chicken Stew

Grand Tetons at sunrise
Grand Tetons at sunrise

Grand Canyon YellowStone
Grand Canyon of YellowStone

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