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Whole Wheat CousCous Grilled Vegetables

Spring market basket

Here is a spring market basket from the produce section of our local store. When I am looking for ideas for what to cook I usually start shopping in the produce section because it inspires me. Left to right: baby romaine, red pepper, ugly tomato, golden beet, Easter Egg radishes, asparagus and an artichoke.

I decided to make a vegetarian dinner :

  • Spring root vegetable salad
  • Boiled artichoke with lemon
  • Roasted vegetables over whole grain couscous

First, I started the artichoke since it takes the longest to cook:

DSC 9321 Whole Wheat CousCous

Trim the spikes with scissors and cut the artichoke in half. Remove the center:

DSC 9325 Whole Wheat CousCous

Place in boiling water and cook until tender, about 10-15 minutes. They tend to float so you should flip them half way:

DSC 9329 Whole Wheat CousCous

Here are the finished artichoke halves - they are served on a white platter with fresh lemon.

DSC 9349 Whole Wheat CousCous

The eggplant, asparagus and red peppers were cut in thin sticks. I lightly brushed them with olive oil and finely minced garlic:

DSC 9331 Whole Wheat CousCous

And then broiled them in the oven for 10 minutes - look how wonderfully golden they came out:

DSC 9345 Whole Wheat CousCous

Whole grain couscous is perhaps the easiest whole grain to prepare. It involves 2 ingredients and a minute of time:

1 cup water - bring to boil in a large measuring cup in the microwave

1 cup whole grain couscous - pour it into the boiling water, sit one minute, fluff with a fork. You can toss with lemon and herbs or a light dressing. It can go into salads or be a side dish. In this case it was the main entree with roasted vegetables on top:


When the vegetables were golden brown, they were removed from the oven and placed atop the fluffy whole grain couscous:

DSC 9355 1 Whole Wheat CousCous

Meanwhile, while the veggies were cooking I prepared the spring root salad. Here are the Easter Egg radishes and the golden beet:

DSC 9335 Whole Wheat CousCous

I shredded the beet with the grater and finely sliced the radishes atop the baby romaine. They were presented on a flat platter :

DSC 9343 Whole Wheat CousCous

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