What Can I Do with White Whole Wheat Flour?

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Pizza with White Whole Wheat CrustIt's time to shine the spotlight on one of my favorite ingredients -- white whole wheat flour! This nutrient-rich flour offers the perfect way to give your baked goods a fiber boost, and it tastes great too!

What is White Whole Wheat Flour?

White whole wheat flour comes from the white wheat berry. This is different than most other wheat flours, which usually come from red wheat berries. Red wheat berries are darker and less sweet than white wheat berries.

White whole wheat flour is made from the entire wheat berry, which means that it is, in fact, a whole grain flour. Since the bran and germ of the wheat berry are still part of the resulting flour, white whole wheat flour has more fiber and nutrients than traditional all-purpose flour.

Where Can I Buy It?

There's no need to go to a specialty store -- white whole wheat flour is available in most large grocery stores. Brands like King Arthur Flour, Gold Medal, and Bob's Red Mill all make white whole wheat flours. You can also order white whole wheat flour online.

Apple Muffins with White Whole Wheat FlourHow Can I Use White Whole Wheat Flour in My Cooking?

If you're replacing regular whole wheat flour with white whole wheat flour, you can swap in the white whole wheat flour without having to change any proportions or measurements. For every cup of whole wheat flour that the recipe calls for, you can use the same cup of white whole wheat flour. The result will be a baked good that is lighter in color and smoother in texture, with a more delicate flavor than traditional whole wheat foods.

If you're replacing all-purpose flour with white whole wheat flour, it may be wise to begin by only replacing some of the all-purpose flour. That way, you can make sure that you like the texture and flavor before replacing more of the all-purpose flour with white whole wheat flour. Start by replacing 1/3 to 1/2 of the all-purpose flour in your recipe with white whole wheat flour.

Which Recipes Already Feature White Whole Wheat Flour?

We love white whole wheat flour -- it's a staple in our kitchen. Here are 3 great recipes that feature it...

Of course, my very favorite way to use white whole wheat flour is in this tasty calzone recipe. Don't miss the member-exclusive handout and post, available now!

Chicken Calzone

And here's a free handout that covers all the basics about white whole wheat flour.

White Whole Wheat Flour

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