Make Your Own Burritos

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As we all try to cut our food budgets during trying times it is sometimes a relief to find a dinner that is both enjoyable and inexpensive. I came across such a one the other night. 

It was time for "Make Your Own Burritos" night here. p1020359p1020357

We bought flour tortillas that are low in sodium and a good deal from Walmart. These can be stored in the freezer to make wraps, soft tacos, burritos and pizza, so they are important in our house.  Calories each are 120 and sodium is 110 mg. 

Next, we cooked some ground chicken breast that we found on sale along with some onions:


After cooking until completely done, we seasoned with chili powder, oregano, cumin and coriander and then added some fresh lime juice. Then we ground it in the food processor to make it resemble the fine texture of ground beef that is a lot higher in fat. 


Next up is the roasted salsa:


This is made by broiling 3 plum tomatoes, one onion and a sweet or hot pepper (your choice) then grinding them in the food processor along with lemon juice and chopped cilantro. This makes a tasty salsa that is inexpensive and very low in sodium compared to prepared ones you find in the store.

Next was a simple bean dip made with no-salt-added pinto beans, a touch of tomato paste,  cumin, garlic powder and chili powder (add those to taste):


Brown rice was made in the rice cooker and served to use as a filler for the burritos or a side dish - diner's choice.  Creativity and choice is what is fun about this meal!


So, diners had a choice of a large tossed salad, fresh-made salsa, tortillas, brown rice, ground chicken breast, bean dip and fat-free sour cream for their burritos. It was a festive meal that was made fun by passing all the bowls and making fun creations. 


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