Celebrate Week Three of Nutrition Month with a New Handout!


How has your National Nutrition Month® been going so far?

Today is National Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Day, and to celebrate, I want to share a free handout with all the highlights of Week Three of National Nutrition Month®, just for you!

Catch up on all the resources we've assembled for Week One and Week Two of National Nutrition Month® anytime, and then get ready to dive into Week Three, which runs from March 15-21!

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the theme for Week Three is Learn Skills to Create Tasty Meals and the ways they suggest doing that include...

  • Keep healthful ingredients on hand.
  • Practice proper home food safety.
  • Share meals together as a family when possible.
  • Reduce food waste.
  • Try new flavors and foods.

There are lots of ways to communicate these messages to your audience, and I recommend starting with this handout!

How else will you be celebrating Week Three of National Nutrition Month®?

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