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Do you need a simple shopping list that can help you make more meals at home? You are in luck! Here is our new video that is now available - it is called 25 Ingredients, 15 Delicious Meals - Stock Your Kitchen to Make Fast and Healthy Meals All Week.

The premise of our show and lesson is that you only have to buy 25 common inexpensive ingredients and you can make many simple easy to make meals all week. Our neighbors, family and friends have all loved this video and they have been cooking at home a lot more.  Here are a few highlights from this segment - and then you get to watch at the end!

First of all - this part astounded us the most. If you roast a chicken and then make a few meals with the leftovers you save a lot! Here is what we saved for 6 different chicken meals - $63 and almost 2000 calories:

chicken meals.005

More than half the cart was produce:


You can see we made our list by 3 simple categories: 1) fruits and vegetables, 2) whole grains, 3) fat-free/skim dairy products


And here are a few of our secrets for keeping the cost down:

a) there was no soda, candy, cookies, packaged cereals or chips - just produce, whole grains, lean protein and nonfat dairy products - we shopped the perimeter

b) the only items we bought were "on the list"

c) we did rely on some staple seasonings - like dried oregano, bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, garlic powder, pepper, olive oil, vinegar, sugar and cinnamon (we believe the cost was more than offset by items leftover)

d) we bought bulk produce and kept the protein lean and easy on the budget



Here is the first segment of our show that discusses what we bought at the store:

And now for our special offer - you see, we worked very hard on planning the meals and menu, shopping for the food, preparing it and shooting it many times, and we don’t accept advertising dollars (we don’t want our editorial and helpfulness to customers tainted by a handout from a food manufacturer) PLUS we know you all are very busy – and times are tough – and people are stressed so they really want to see something new and compelling to help them eat better and with less effort and expense. Here is our offer:

Buy our new DVD/CD bundle which includes a 20 minute video on DVD with all 5 segments:

1) What to buy

2) Roast it once, serve it many times (how to roast a chicken and prepare 6 yummy meals from it all week)

3) Make meals with pizza, potatoes

4) Include fish, wraps and vegetarian items

5) Buy healthful items for tasty snacks and desserts

The DVD is 20 minutes long and moves fast with music and simple to follow directions. It comes with handouts and a leader guide so you have all the recipes, the shopping list, tips and more. AND it comes with a PowerPoint show with over 50 slides and speaker's notes so you can show it again and again and use our many charts in more of your programs. PLUS you get the photos of the meals! How cool is that?!

But wait – there is more:

All orders come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee – you are completely 100% satisfied or we refund your money. PLUS you receive free phone support, lifetime updates and extra little perks as needed – like an extra photo, handout, or clipart to promote our program at your site.
We have 1000’s of satisfied customers and we love what we do! Why spend the money on the food and all of your time taking, editing and sorting photos or hours and hours on a PowerPoint show? PLUS our dietitian, photographer, videographer, writer and graphic artist will make you look professional and allow you to give a compelling presentation that will have clients and attendees asking you for more! Don’t miss out!
PLUS if you buy the DVD/CD set, you will get all of our photos from the slides and the photoshoot – there are well over 50of them – some that were not even featured in the show.  Take a look at our slide show!
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Buy this DVD/CD set now and get a your items shipped to you with the the 20 minute DVD on how to shop, the PDF file for the recipes and leader guide and kitchen tips, PowerPoint with over 50 slides plus over 50 compelling high-quality photos plus , plan menus and prepare 15 tasty meals  (PLUS we will add a free download account that has over 8 free handouts and all the time access to unlimited updates PLUS you receive our free toll-free phone support with our materials). Why spend hundreds of dollars and over 30 hours to shop, photograph, research and edit for a Video and PowerPoint show when you can spend just $59 and give your audience something relevant, compelling and useful for their health.

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