Vital Holiday Party Tips

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Holiday party season is just around the corner. Celebrate in a healthful way with our vital holiday party tips. Your health and waistline will thank you!

  1. Eat well during the day. Skipping meals during the day to "save up" calories for a party is a bad idea. You'll be super-hungry by the time the party rolls around and the temptation to overeat could become overwhelming. Eat a good breakfast, a healthful lunch, and have at least a filling snack before you head out the door.
  2. Eat a healthful meal before you go to the party. Eating a healthful meal that is low-fat and high-fiber before going to a party is insurance that you won’t end up eating too much of the wrong thing. With the edge off your hunger, you will be in better control when you see all those tempting appetizers and desserts! We recommend having a baked potato with vegetarian chili and a salad before walking out the door.
  3. Limit or avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a double-edged sword if you are trying to watch your weight. It is usually high in calories AND it affects your judgement when it comes to choosing foods that are lower in calories. If you have more than one party to attend, this combination can spell disaster for a weight-loss agenda. One way to avoid drinking at a party is to be the designated driver. If you must drink, have one drink then switch to soda water with lime for the rest of the evening.Here is a list of common beverages and the calories they contain:
    Beverage                                        Serving                Calories
    Sparkling water with lime          8 oz                           0
    Diet soda                                      8 oz                           0
    Nonalcoholic wine                     4 oz                           8
    Nonalcoholic beer                     12 oz                        32
    Wine                                              4 oz                         80
    Champagne                                 4 oz                         84
    Cocktail                                        2.5 oz                     133
    Beer                                               12 oz                      146
    Soda                                               8 oz                       157
  4. Bring a dish. Offer to bring a dish to the party. Make it a large tossed salad or a low-cal appetizer. This way you will have at least one good choice to eat while you're there.
  5. Fill up on salad first. Fill up a large dinner plate with salad or raw vegetables before you go through the rest of the buffet. On the next trip to the buffet, use a smaller plate and fill it with a few lean options. Enjoy a few of your favorite items, but keep portions small.
  6. Focus on conversation. Make an effort to meet new friends and circulate with those you know instead of eying the food. You'll have a better time and won't have to worry about your weight!

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