Vegetarian Recipe Modification Demo

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Have fun at your next cooking demo by showing participants how to modify their existing recipes into vegetarian ones:

- The meat in spaghetti sauce can be substituted with boiled black beans, tempe or TVP in place of ground beef. This substitution goes well in skillet dishes, spaghetti and chili.

- Baked tofu can be used in place of deli meats for sandwiches. It can also be used in place of cooked chicken to make stir fries and many other dishes.

- Silken tofu can be used in place of ricotta cheese for lasagna filling. Blend it smooth in a food processor first.

-Use vegetarian burger crumbles or vegetarian chili in place of ground meat for tacos and burros.

-Minced red beets can be used in place of bacon bits on salads for color and flavor.

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