Vacation the Lighter Way

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Vacation Eating Tips:
• Start with a low-fat, high-fiber breakfast
• Save calories and money - pack a lunch
• Bring a cooler filled with fruits, vegetables and water
• Sandwich shops can be a good choice when eating out
• Eat a large low-fat salad for dinner
• Choose beer or wine instead of margaritas and mixed drinks; better yet have one drink and then switch to water. If you don’t drink then water is fine!
Remember, vacation is a time to rejuvenate your health. It is hard to eat healthy and exercise during regular work weeks, so now is the time to treat yourself to a better health routine.

Vacation Exercise Tips:
• Plan for exercise.  Find out what exercise options are available.
• Pack your tennis shoes, workout clothes and a swim suit!
• Bring your pedometer.  Get a city map.  Walk whenever you can!
• Take walking breaks during your car or bus trip.
• Enjoy water exercise:  Swim laps, tread water or water walk.
• Try something new.  Maybe this is the year to rent a kayak.
Now is the time to jump start your exercise routine. Vacation is a fun time when you can try something new!

Vacation Menu Sleep a Lot, Eat a Lot Vacation Eat Smart, Exercise your Heart Vacation
Breakfast Eggs, bacon, hash browns Cereal, skim milk, fruit
Lunch Croissant chicken salad, chips Grilled fish sandwich, fruit salad
Dinner Lasagna, garlic bread Stir-fry chicken, salad
Activity Laying in the sun, reading Rent bikes, hike or swim
Entertainment Movie Water park for the day
Transportation Car or bus Walk as much as possible


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