Vacation Your Way to Better Health

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Sure everyone needs a vacation to take a break from life’s hectic pace, work and hassles. But a vacation from a stressful job doesn’t have to mean adding pounds to your waist. It can mean a jump start to better health and allow you to come back invigorated and ready to do better. What better time to focus on eating healthy and exercise than when you have the time? Here is a little checklist to help you plan a good getaway:
Destination(s):    ______________________________________
Health goal:
1) Get in better shape
2) Stay in shape
3) Not gain weight
4) Other: ______________________________
1) Walking and sightseeing
2) Water sports
3) Hiking
4) Biking
5) Working out in gym
6) Other: ______________________________
Exercise equipment/apparel needed:    _________________________________
Can I cook or do I have to eat most of my meals out:    _________________________________
Foods that that will help me follow my plan, e.g. fruits for snacks, breakfast:
High-risk situations that may occur, e.g. midnight buffet, large restaurant meals: _________________________________
Tips for better calorie control
• Plan, plan, plan and plan. Before you begin, plan how you can incorporate exercise and a healthful diet at the same time.
• Try to find hotels that have refrigerators and exercise facilities.
• Choose a balance between high-calorie and low-calorie foods. Start your meal with the more filling, lower-calorie foods such as fruits or vegetables.
• Many restaurants serve very large portions, so try to decrease portions by splitting an entrée or getting a child’s portion or appetizer.
• Limit alcohol to two drinks per day.

Snack and breakfast shopping list
Here is a basic shopping list of healthful foods for breakfast and snacks. If you have a refrigerator or cooler for the dairy stuff that is great otherwise buy just for the day:
• Fruit-flavored light, nonfat yogurt
• Apples, bananas, melon, strawberries
• Pretzels
• Low-fat popcorn
• Diet drinks
• Cereal and skim milk
• Baby carrots

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