Take A Vacation Class

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Have a fun class or bulletin board or email newsletter regarding a healthful vacation.

Take a Vacation Class

Play a game. Split the audience into several groups of 8 people with each one having a group leader. The theme to discuss is “We are going on vacation - what are we taking to eat better for each meal and snacks and what are we taking to be more active?” Each group discusses what they will pack. They have 8 minutes to discuss and make a list. At the end of the time, the leader of each group comes up and shares the list.

The class votes on the best list - for healthful food in the cooler and the best exercise activities. The winning team gets a fun prize! Maybe some water bottles, a pedometer, visor, snack packs, etc.

Vacation pop quiz:

Name three different 100 calorie snacks: (banana, 20 grapes, 1 cup blueberries, 10-15 strawberries, 8 crackers, 1 cup cereal, etc.)

What are the 2 differences between the eat a lot/sleep a lot vacation in the handout in this issue and the active heart-healthy vacation? Answers: healthy food, more activity!

Have everyone share their last vacation and generate ideas to use a vacation to jump start your health.

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