Tulip Pie

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This is what we have invented as the “tulip crust” - we call it that because when it is made, the pie looks like a tulip. We used a 2” biscuit cutter to cut the prepared pie dough and line the pan edges with the rounds. The purpose is to use less dough. You can use the leftover dough to top a fruit pie. Roll thin and place on top and you have another crust.

We crimped the edges and then added the filling. See the Best Light Pumpkin Pie recipe at https://foodandhealth.com/light-pumpkin-pie/. We do recommend this pie crust method for pumpkin pie, fruit pies with streussal topping and other pies that are baked.

Take care when pouring the filling. You might want to do that step at the oven.

No one will ever know the pie crust is missing from the bottom. The good news is that you don’t have a soggy crust on the bottom. But the better news is that this cuts the crust calories in half! 1/10th of a pumpkin pie made this way, with skim milk and egg whites is just 122 calories per piece! If you substitute the sugar with Splenda it goes down to just 96 calories per piece!

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