Tortilla Pizza

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enricostpizza withsauce Tortilla Pizza

Tortilla pizza is so easy to make - great for an appetizer, snack or light dinner. And really great to feed a bunch of kids who are hungry now!

We started with our favorite salt-free sauce, Enrico's No-Salt-Added Pasta Sauce and some tortillas. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

tpizza oventemp Tortilla Pizzatpizza readytobake Tortilla Pizza

Then added a light sprinkle of reduced-fat cheese. You can add other favorite ingredients as well - the sky is the limit. But the kids wanted just cheese so we stuck to their order.

tpizza done1 Tortilla Pizza

After 10 minutes baking - pizza is done!

Serve with salad:

saladfresh Tortilla Pizza

And our 10 minute Microwave BBQ Chicken Tenders:

Tortilla Pizza

For the chicken tenders - we buy them frozen in large bulk packages from the Walmart super store. Put them frozen in one layer in a baking dish and then dab with a bit of barbecue sauce on top - go easy on the sauce because it is very high in salt. Cover with plastic wrap.

Microwave using the "chicken" automatic setting on the microwave (or 80% power for 12 minutes) and in about 12-15 minutes you have perfect cooked moist chicken tenders. Chicken is done when it is firm and no longer pink in the center.

If you teach cooking demonstrations you will be interested in our new MyPyramid Cooking Demo Kit:

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