Thinking Red and Plant Based Appetizer Platter

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This beautiful red appetizer plate was carefully planned so it would meet my criteria for fabulous flavor combinations, easy to make, fantastic presentation, and red color.

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What's in it? Good question! Here is the simple shopping list:

  1. cherry or grape tomatoes
  2. radishes
  3. seedless black grapes
  4. small bell peppers
  5. hummus
  6. daikon micro-greens

Of course it helps to use a deviled egg platter to keep it all organized and beautiful.

To make the bell pepper rolls I simply cut the stem off the pepper, hollowed it out with a spoon, and then spooned the hummus inside. I cut them into wheels and placed them in the center. The idea was to have something crunchy, other than crackers, to hold the hummus.


blog 1069 Thinking Red and Plant Based Appetizer PlatterIt keeps well so you could make it the day before and take it to a party or serve it at one at your house. It is plant based and attractive. No refined crackers, cheese, or meat on this one. Just a lot of raw veggie greatness! Enjoy!

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The purple paper under the plate is rice paper - you can find it at any art supply store. It is very nice because it is thick and comes in beautiful colors. Tissue paper also works well. You can make this for any holiday cooking demo or use it to educate your clients, patients, employees, and students. Beautiful appetizers don't have to come from a freezer box or contain pounds and pounds of cheese!

Past holiday appetizer ideas:

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