The Top 20 Antioxidant Foods

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1. Small red beans (dried legumes)
2. Wild blueberries
3. Red kidney beans
4. Pinto beans
5. Blueberries, cultivated
6. Cranberries
7. Artichokes, cooked
8. Blackberries
9. Prunes
10. Raspberries
11. Strawberries
12. Red Delicious apples
13. Granny Smith apples
14. Pecans
15. Sweet cherries
16. Black plums
17. Russet potatoes, cooked
18. Black beans
19. Plums
20. Gala apples

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published the top 20 list of antioxidant-rich foods recently in their June 2004 issue. United States Department of Agriculture nutrition scientists used the latest technologies to tabulate antioxidant levels in more than 100 types of vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries and spices. We have shown the top 20 list of foods above.

What Are Antioxidants?
Antioxidants are believed to help undo the damage done by molecules within the body called free radicals. Experts believe that free radicals may be associated with a higher risk for heart disease, cancer and aging.

How Many Antioxidants Should I Eat?
There is no established amount for antioxidants in the diet as there are for vitamins and minerals. Much research is needed with regard to antioxidants and phytochemicals. Most health authorities recommend that you get your antioxidants from a variety of whole plant foods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes.

Strive for Five
This finding brings one more reason you should strive to eat 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Try to eat from the rainbow – meaning get a variety of dark colors in your fruit and vegetable servings. These fiber-rich beauties can help improve your diet so you lower your body weight and your risk for many chronic diseases including certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and more. They can also help to protect your eyesight. The lutein found in spinach can help prevent macular degeneration.


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