Thanksgiving Leftover Guide

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Once your Thanksgiving feast is over, a single question begins to loom... what to do with all the leftovers?

We have a lot of Thanksgiving leftover traditions here at Food and Health, and we thought we'd share a few favorites today...

Fill a Bowl! What about turning some of those leftover vegetables (along with that turkey) into soup? I have two favorite turkey soup recipes: Turkey Noodle Soup and Turkey Stew  -- both are healthful and delicious!

Try Another Showstopper! If cranberry sauce is one of your favorite parts of Thanksgiving, I highly recommend this gorgeous celebration of leftovers: Cranberry, Turkey, and Rice Tower.

Find the Proof in the Pudding! Bread pudding can be a great way to use up Thanksgiving foods. Try Cranberry Bread Pudding or, if you're not ready to say goodbye to Thanksgiving just yet, Pumpkin Pie Bread Pudding.

Looking for more ideas for for post-Thanksgiving fun? Look no further than the Holiday Secrets guide to healthier, happier holidays! And of course there will be lots more right here on the blog next week...

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