Holiday Dinner With Whole Roasted Turkey

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This beautiful dinner will bring many memories to your celebrations this year. While we showed a dinner with lots of budget veggies and a lower-cost turkey breast last week, this week shows a feast with the whole bird. Happy Thanksgiving!

Orange-Carmel Roasted Turkey
This delicious turkey has a nice caramel glaze which holds in the moisture and makes a great presentation.
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Fluffy Light Mashed Potatoes
The secret to these mashed potatoes is cooking the potatoes slowly for a long time and adding hot milk when mashing.
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Apple Cranberry Stuffins
This apple cranberry stuffing is baked in muffin tins. It is a lovely presentation that is also portion controlled!
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Cranberry Sauce
This simple sauce is so delicious no one will realize we used a little less sugar!
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Air Fried Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts
These two vegetables are air fried simultaneously and then mixed for a fun holiday veggie side dish.
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