Talapia with Ginger-Sauteed Peppers, Spinach and Mashed Potatoes

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fishdinner1I had no idea I was going to take a picture of this dinner last night - but it ended up looking good and being really easy to make so I thought I would share!! It all started with a 1.5 hour hard bike ride and I came in starved. I guess a starved chef makes a good cook, eh?!

Tilapia - First off was a nice fillet of tilapia fish bought at Walmart in their freezer section. The fillets are sealed in cryovac inside zip lock bags so are very high quality. No need to defrost - this puppy went into the microwave and I used the "fish" setting to have a delicious piece of cooked fish in just 3 minutes. I am always surprised at how fast and perfect it cooks. (I do remove the fillet from the bag and I put it in a glass dish and cover it.)

The fish was topped with sliced red peppers and ginger sauteed with just a spray of olive oil. See the tube of chopped ginger that we keep handy as well as the spray bottle that has the olive oil.

Skinny mashed potatoes - baking potatoes were rinsed well to remove the dirt and then cut in chunks - skin and all - because that is faster and it makes a delicious home-style mashed potato that has more nutrients and fiber. They were covered in water and cooked for 20 minutes until tender and then mashed with low-cal margarine and skim milk. Seasonings included granulated garlic with parsley mix and black pepper.

Spinach - Finally, I sauteed garlic and olive oil and then added a bag of fresh spinach leaves. That was the base for the fish.

Voila - dinner is ready in 20 minutes!

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