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Happy Valentine's Day! Will you be our Valentine? Our gift to you is not a card or a piece of candy, but rather a guide to great Heart Month activity ideas. Enjoy!

Putting together a comprehensive and engaging cooking demonstration is hard work -- but that's about to change.

Health fair prizes or incentives can move games, presentations, and activities from good to great!

Are you putting together a Valentine's Day cooking demonstration? If you are, you're not alone. Lynda Murray, RD, LD, recently requested healthful Valentine's Day recipes for an upcoming cooking demonstration in front of 150 people! We found so many great options for her in the free recipe archive that we got carried away by enthusiasm and want to share them with you too.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about chocolate and candy... but what fun would it be without a little festive celebration? Here's a recipe for a tasty Valentine's Day dessert that tastes decadent but packs a nutrient punch.
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If you were to try to figure out what Valentine's Day was all about just by checking the grocery store shelves, you would think it was a celebration of nothing more than overpriced candy. Instead of chowing down on artery-clogging foods this Valentine's Day, be good to your heart...
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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a holiday centered around the heart, but a candy and dessert overload doesn't exactly promote heart health. Here are a few ideas for creative Valentine's Day gifts that are great for your heart!