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Want to build a healthier future? There are lots of great strategies -- from tracking your progress to making your environment more conducive to success. We've got you covered, so take a look at these top tips...

The purpose of nutrition month is to help the public become aware of the importance of good nutrition and a healthful eating plan.

Health fair prizes or incentives can move games, presentations, and activities from good to great!
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The post Fill Half Your Plate with Fruits and Vegetables at Each Meal highlighted the importance of filling your plate with fruits and vegetables at each meal. Now we're going to discuss how to do it.

I wish all new parents could read Karen Le Billon’s French Kids Eat Everything!

Why do we want to eat and live like people from Mediterranean countries? It’s simple – they appear to live longer, happier lives. The cultural foods of these people have been studied extensively for their health benefits. The first study, the Seven Countries Study, revealed that people in Mediterranean...

The culinary world clamors for truffles, so why not make them a part of your menu? Whether white (Alba Madonna) or black (black Perigord), truffles are pungent-smelling, warty, irregularly-shaped plants. Truffles grow wild, underground, at the roots of trees, like oak trees. While truffles primarily grow in Europe, they...