Our online course library has been updated with culinary nutrition lessons. Here is a sneak preview from the Plant Based Diet: Vegetables course: Leafy Greens Leaf vegetables, also called leafy greens, salad greens, fresh herbs, vegetable greens, or simply greens, are plant leaves eaten as a vegetable, sometimes accompanied...

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Greens are loaded with flavor, packed with nutrients, and super versatile in the kitchen. They're perfect for all kinds of quick kitchen hacks, and today I want to share one of my favorites with you: double duty greens.
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Food and Health Communications is proud to be a National Strategic Partner for MyPlate. For Labor Day, we are bringing innovative yet easy ways to serve fruits and veggies so that they will make up half of everyone's plates! We have recipes for a Veggie Face Salad, Ice Bucket Fruits, and our best Fresh Fruit Cobbler, among other ideas.

I wanted to do something with the collard greens I just bought at the store. One of the best recipes I ever created using these greens had a bit of brown sugar, black eyed peas and sliced lean ham and was for a project creating healthier African-American recipes. But...